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From florance to leaning tower of pizza

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Bedsheets4knickers Tue 17-Feb-15 22:32:51

Quick 2 night break to florance this wk. would love to see leaning tower of pizza. Is it easy to get to . I've been told it's about 40 miles

RJnomore Tue 17-Feb-15 22:35:03

We went to both on a stop off on a cruise a few years ago. It was certainly not that long a trip between them.

Pisa though I found underwhelming. I found some of it a bit down market and almost threatening and the tower, well, it's really just what you see in any photo.

If you had the chance of two days in Florence, I'd stay put rather than waste half a day heading to Pisa.

TurnOverTheTv Tue 17-Feb-15 22:36:40

45 mins from Pisa to Florence

Behooven Tue 17-Feb-15 22:38:18

Plenty of pizza in Italy, you don't need to go to Pisa for that grin

Sorry, only joking. Pisa is fine for a quick visit but there are nicer places within reach of Florence. Lucca is lovely.

Rootvegetables Tue 17-Feb-15 22:49:52

Florence is lovely, pisa a bit meh, I'd just do a quick visit If at all. We went to Italy last summer and the trains are brilliant and easy and have air con.

bolshieoldcow Tue 17-Feb-15 22:57:56

Dead easy to get to Pisa from Florence - train takes just over an hour, and it's quite a nice journey. I liked Pisa (and had the best ice-cream of our trip there!!) - the Piazza dei Miracoli was good but it was also a nice enough city for a wee wander. And although there are other really nice places in Italy, many of which are close to Florence, you'll only get the Leaning Tower if you go to Pisa!

Do it, if you fancy it - you could be back in Florence by lunchtime.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Tue 17-Feb-15 22:59:42

yy if you've only got two night in Florence, I wouldn't faff around going anywhere else. So much to see in Florence itself.

Bunbaker Tue 17-Feb-15 23:04:26

There is loads to see and do in Florence. I would just enjoy the sights in Florence and give Pisa a miss.

lastnightiwenttomanderley Wed 18-Feb-15 07:34:29

Agree, 2 nights isn't long in Florence so I wouldn't take the best part of a day out to go to Pisa.
Can highly recommend walking up to the little church (whose name escapes me) on the south side of the river for some spectacular views of the city.

lastnightiwenttomanderley Wed 18-Feb-15 07:40:22

San Minitao al Monte!

Just north of Pitti Palace head up the Costa San Giorgio, past Galileo's house. Turn left at the top onto Via Belvedere then finally up the hill to the church. You can come back down via Piazza Michelangelo.

Allegrogirl Wed 18-Feb-15 09:30:24

I agree with other posters that you should stay in Florence for your visit as there is so much there and it is a lovely city.

We flew into Pisa on Easyjet for our Florence trip and stopped at the leaning tower on the way back to the airport. It was nice to do cheesy tourist photos but it was heaving. We got the bus to the airport through the city and I thought it looked very nice.

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