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Just back from Valencia - and here are my thoughts and tips

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moaningpaper Sun 22-Oct-06 21:34:47

We have just got back from a week in Spain which included travel via Valencia with the 1 year old and the 4 year old, and here are my thoughts:

1. Men will squeeze your babies. The MEN could not keep their hands off my daughters. It was SHOCKING. It made me realise how fucked-up the British Press has made men regarding sex and children. Everywhere we went, hairy hands would reach out and squeeze chubby thighs and cheeks and ask me things in Spanish, to which I could only reply, "Sorry - English." A group of BUILDERS started nudging each other and smiling as we walked by with the double buggy and then descended on the buggy to squeeze and coo. The taxi driver adjusted his rear-view mirror so he could gaze on the baby and constantly turned around to give her smiles and winks. When I dropped the baby on the train (oops) a young man swooped down and picked her up for me in a split second - something that would NEVER happen here. On the beach groups of men and women would gather around the baby and point and coo. It was just AMAZING. It made me realise what a normal male healthy attitude towards children we have repressed in our culture with our obsession with peederfiles.

2. Take a double buggy. Although the 4 year old is too old for a buggy it was great to be able to lug them both everywhere and let them sleep whenever they wanted - and go out late at night. And they both really loved the interaction with each other. It kept them both happy on long walks.

3. Don't expect to be served food between 3pm and 9.30pm. It was impossible to find anywhere serving food until 9.30pm. IMPOSSIBLE. I have blisters on my feet to prove it. Just don't even ASK me about it. Buy a snack from a supermarket and don't leave your hotel until 9pm.

4. Stay in The Petit Palace Germanias - it was 150 pounds for the night in a family room (fold-down bunk beds). The decor was fabulous modern minimalism. The shower was the best thing I have ever done in a bathroom. The buffet breakfast makes me want to weep with joy just remembering it. And there were free lollipops on reception which the 4 year old will probably remember for the rest of her life.

5. Visit the Oceanographic centre. The new buildings along the old riverbed are amazing - and the Oceanographic centre is well worth a visit. It was expensive (15 quid per adult) but was great - every kind of marine animal you can imagine - penguins, manatees and a dolphin show. I've been to a lot of aquariums but this was by far the best.

6. Visit the Gulliver's Playground: A prostrate resin giant made into a huge labyrinth of slides for young children - it's a health and safety nightmare but the 4 year old was in heaven. You can do this on the way to/from the Oceanographic (by foot) if you are making a day of it.

7. Make use of the trains: We took a train up north to visit relations. We went first class which was an extra 10 pounds each but was definitely worth it - wide seats and very quiet. Amazingly clean, strangely punctual and the children both loved having the space to move around.

That's it really - but wanted to write down my tips and thoughts because this was the first place that I looked for advice on Valencia - hopefully someone else might find it useful!


expatinscotland Sun 22-Oct-06 21:43:26

Glad you had fun!

Pruni Sun 22-Oct-06 21:46:11

Message withdrawn

Pruni Sun 22-Oct-06 21:49:46

Message withdrawn

moaningpaper Sun 22-Oct-06 21:58:44

Yes the guidebook said that nothing was open before 10pm but I thought it was exaggerating.

But no - it was AWFUL.

The trouble is, even if they WERE asleep in the buggy, I don't think that I could STAY AWAKE that late anyway ... I mean they wake up at the crack of dawn. Don't Valencian people ever SLEEP?!

We found an Italian place that served us early (9.30pm) but we had to knock on the door .

Holhel04 Wed 08-Nov-06 10:45:52

Hi Interested in this thread. We are off to Valencia next feb for 4 nights. Our kids are 13 and 15. We have booked an apartment. Any tips would be great.Thanks

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