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Inspire me for summer hols with older teens

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Meltingbutter Thu 12-Feb-15 13:20:52

2 weeks in the sunshine with DS1 18 & DS2 16 straight after exams so should be cheaper. Somewhere with gorgeous beaches.
They love sailing, wake boarding, going to bars
We love peace & quiet, nice restaurants and playing tennis.

I'm not mad about the Nielsons/MW route as we've done the early years children clubs and would prefer somewhere more adult.

We all loved Corsica but it's hard to find somewhere that ticks the boxes.

Healthy budget for the right possibly last holiday with our DSs.

holeinmyheart Thu 12-Feb-15 23:34:57

It has to be Fueteventura. It is one of the few Canary Islands with magnificent Sandy beaches. Carreljo is noisy and lively and has sailing, surfing, boarding etc and night life but also quiet parts
Look on Owners Direct for a villa or apartment and make sure that there is a UK telephone number to call. Check that the owners have an English Bank account and an English home address. Make sure it is in Carreljo. Some owners advertise villas as being in Carreljo but the are in developments 15 mins away and you would then need a car.
You should be able to get a Villa from £5/600 a week. There are loads of flights from UK airports. Ryan Air go from Stanstead regularity.

homebythesea Fri 13-Feb-15 12:26:33

Villa would be easier if the kids are out and about on their own - no having to get up for breakfast in a hotel etc etc! I was going to suggest USA but they wouldn't be able to go out drinking there.

holeinmyheart Fri 13-Feb-15 18:34:16

You get Jetleg going to the U.S. Which is a real pain for me. However for older teens if the parents don't mind long haul, I would recommend Florida Disney.
I was forced to go through work and I surprised myself by having an absolute ball.
I love reading, theatre etc but Disney was an absolute blast. Older Teens can go around by themselves as it is very security conscious. Everything is spotlessly clean. The adults could travel around parts of Florida while the Teens mooch around Disney. I loved Epcot. It was wonderful.
I was lucky because I didn't pay and I still feel uncomfortable about the whole idea of a plastic experience but I know Teens would love it. If the children are happy then so are the Parents.

Africa is also wonderful as you don't get jet lag. There are many beautiful beaches. Camps bay is a particular favourite. The Camps Bay Hotel is right on the beach. It is white sand, palms etc and and sooo beautiful. Or Roukes Drift, a site of the Zulu wars ( they are enacted) plus a visit to the Kruger Game Reserve. Not a beach but you could call in at the St Lucia wetlands near Durban. You can't go out at night because of the monkeys playing all over the car but it is an experience.
I like St Ives in Cornwall and Tenby in Wales , but you can't guarantee the weather in the UK.
Jamaica has lovely beaches and so does the Cayman. I like the complex Goblin Hill, in Jamaica. The beach is one of the most beautiful in the world. Deserted for the main part but there are water sports. Fishing and snorkelling and if you get thirsty you can shin up a tree and knock off a coconut.

Meltingbutter Sat 14-Feb-15 13:02:10

Thanks for the advice. I'm having a look at Fuerteventura, the Canaries hadn't occurred to me.
We've done quite a bit of long haul (love the Caribbean) and will have a look at Goblin Hill. but I was thinking closer to home this year A villa is a good idea, finding the right one is a challenge.

homebythesea Sat 14-Feb-15 15:12:59

We have used for villas /apartments all over the world - very user friendly in that you can filter the choices by many different variants to come up with properties that fit your wishlist

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