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Disneyland Paris - how many notes am I looking at?

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threebob Sun 22-Oct-06 07:12:20

Coming over from NZ and seeing family in the UK and a friend in Brussels. Thought as we are so close to Disneyland Paris we may as well take Ds - as it'll be the closest he gets to Disney for a long time, as it's really expensive to fly to US from here.

But the whole price thing is Sooooooooo confusing, especially as they don't seem to want to tell you how much it will all cost in July 2007.

So did anyone go in July this year and want to share? 2 Adults and 1 3 year old. Going from Manchester (either via Brussels, or Brussels as a side trip from Disney)

threebob Sun 22-Oct-06 19:33:16


Skribble Sun 22-Oct-06 21:41:26

If you go to disneys own website, you can book hotel and park ticket packages. Often cheaper to book flights/ travel seperate.

I couldn't get it to work for July 2007. Perhaps if you order the brochure.

Smurfgirl Sun 22-Oct-06 21:45:06

I have been to disneyland paris from brussels but it was a while ago, got the TGV from midi to the disney train station v.quick and quite good value iirc, would recommend that. We just bought our tickets at the gate but this is obv not for you. Much easier to get the train from Brx imo.

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