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Bavaria with a 1yo

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SquidgyMaltLoaf Sun 08-Feb-15 23:53:20

Looking at the Allgäu - maybe somewhere near Füssen. I have a few questions!

1. Where should we stop en route? We'll need two days to get there - probably going Dover to Dubkirk but it'll take about five hours just to get to Dover

2. Any recommendations of stuff to do?

3. Any tips for long car journey with a toddler greatly appreciated!

noramum Tue 10-Feb-15 12:37:59

I would fly to Munich and get a rental car. We drove with DD, 17 months, from SE London to the German/Dutch northern border and even with an overnight stay in Antwerp it was a nightmare. It may depend on the child but DD hated it so much, even the rare DVD wasn't working.

Stuff to do: it depends when you go and what you are into. It is great for walking but maybe not buggy friendly, a back-pack carrier will be easier for this.

SquidgyMaltLoaf Tue 10-Feb-15 18:29:04

We can't fly because we're taking our bikes but thank you! Also on a very tight budget and even with petrol and ferry costs it's cheaper than flying.

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