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HELP!!! Do I go or not?

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dizzymac Sat 21-Oct-06 07:10:30

Ok so we are supposed to be going to Northern Ireland today. WE are flying over and have all been looking forward to it for ages.


I have been up in the night having eaten something dodgy yesterday. I feel a little better now but still have "the runs"(sorry for tmi)
We are supposed to be going at 11am. Shall we go then or try to change our flights?

Bellie Sat 21-Oct-06 07:17:24

can you not take some imodium or similar and still go??

dizzymac Sat 21-Oct-06 07:23:13

Not sure I,ve never taken anything like that. Does it really work?

threebob Sat 21-Oct-06 07:36:33

Imodium does work. I have very bad stomach related allergic reactions to gluten and 1 tablet blocks me up and stops the cramping if I accidentally eat something contaminated with gluten.

Drink lots of water, flying and bad stomachs both dehydrate you.

twickersmum Sat 21-Oct-06 07:37:18

yes imodium is great stuff. will "dry you up" in no time! just drink plenty of water, flat lemonade, toast. no coffee/tea or anything and you should be ok!
Good luck, and it's such a short flight anyway.

dizzymac Sat 21-Oct-06 07:50:59

Thanks. You've all been great especially so early in the morning.
I will be going, hopefully at the alloted time

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