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Where's the best place in Germany?

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emptychangingbag Tue 03-Feb-15 13:24:26

Hi there, we've got two weeks off for Easter with three boys 5, 3 and 1. We'd like to go to Germany - rent a house for a week and maybe spend a night or two in Berlin. I've found fairly decent flights - anyone recommend any great places to stay/ towns/areas that would be good. May hire a car so happy to travel about a bit... Any thoughts gratefully received.

noramum Tue 03-Feb-15 13:58:02

It depends what you like to do. It is similar to asking what is the best place in the UK. You have sea side, big towns, mountains, medium-size mountains, flat areas, forests.

If you want to go to Berlin you need to remember that, unless you stay locally, you will have to travel a lot, for example going from Munich to Berlin can take a day with the car and three children.

One word of warning - Germany closes down over Easter. Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday are public holidays and a lot will be closed, including museums etc. No shopping apart from Saturday when everyone will do it.

As it is early this year you may want to look into Bavaria, Alpine region, there could be still snow.

The weather can be equally good or bad as it is in the UK at this time of year.

emptychangingbag Tue 03-Feb-15 14:19:06

Thanks for this - I guess we want somewhere that has lots of outdoorsy things to do, somewhere Northumberland in the UK with castles, towns, lakes. Just wondering if anyone had stayed anywhere nice as you know what it can be like trying to find somewhere from scratch!

Hmm Easter. Guess will have to take provisions and scooters! Thanks!

noramum Tue 03-Feb-15 20:24:29

I don't know Northumberland, sorry but from your description Bavaria may be worth a try.

There is either Starnberger See or Chiemsee, Munich with large museums and parks and lots of castles around as well.

Temperatures can be anything from freezing to mid ten but that is similar to the UK.

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