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mumbleslikeazombiechum Thu 19-Oct-06 11:27:18

We fancy a change next year. Usually go to Tuscany/Umbria but have got a bit bored of that now. This year had fab hol in somerset in heatwave, now would like to try Southern Ireland. We are a bit unsociable on holiday and would want a big farmhouse type place, no neighbours and pref with heated pool in nice country or near nice beach. Me,DH and 12 yr old ds.

Any ideas on nice regions, good holiday companies, or any other info gratefully received.

KTeepee Thu 19-Oct-06 11:51:44

We usually go to Ireland but fancy Tuscany or somewhere in France next year!

Tbh I've never come across any holiday homes with swimming pools in Ireland, heated or unheated. The normal holiday companies probably don't do anything like that but you can get brochures at Travel Agents that have independently owned cottages/houses - might be worth trying. Also if you decide in an area you could try contacting a local estate agent and ask if they know of anywhere - often in tourist areas they do holiday homes as well as the usual stuff.

Foe example I have used

in the past. They have a lot of properties around Schull in West Cork which is a lively fishing village with lots of good restaurants.

renaldo Fri 10-Nov-06 13:15:30

West Cork is fab, this company is family run and have some beautiful properties near beaches


renaldo Fri 10-Nov-06 13:15:35

West Cork is fab, this company is family run and have some beautiful properties near beaches


skill Sat 09-Dec-06 00:27:30

Achill is also fabulous, though you won't find any heated pools. is your DS into watersports at all? there are lots of opportunities in Achill if so, and in the week of Scoil Acla, around the end of July, lots of decent traditional music in the pubs

boo64 Fri 15-Dec-06 21:17:02

I think Killarney, Kinsale and the Ring of Kerry area are simply stunning - one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Definitely worth going to.

pesme Fri 15-Dec-06 21:20:48

bear in mind there is a good chance it will piss with rain while you are there. also being unsociable is an offence in s. ireland.

MerryChipmonkAndAHappyNewey Fri 15-Dec-06 22:26:10

mumbles, what about this house ?

MerryChipmonkAndAHappyNewey Fri 15-Dec-06 22:29:20

Or this one ? Not sure if the swimming pool in question is actually on the property though.

santasdoingtheironing Fri 15-Dec-06 22:34:54

mumbles My DH is from West Cork and his parents still live there if there is anything you want to know you can email me
It is truly a most beautiful part of the world which we know very well and can perhaps advise.

Reece Fri 15-Dec-06 22:54:26

The place in Bantry looks fabulous and seems to be in a lovely spot!
I am an English mum of 2 and have been living in Ireland with DH for 9 years now. I haven't travelled around Ireland as much as I would like to (usual case of it being on your door-step but not always venturing into it) but I would agree with some of the others and would highly recommend West Cork, Ring of Kerry regions. The scenery is stunning. If you want to see 'real' Ireland this is where you go. Imagine rugged coastlines, untouched and deserted beaches (some of which you can horseride on} cliff top pubs serving fresh seafood chowder, Beautiful lakes, Forest treks etc etc.

Yes, beware of the weather. Our best months have in current years been May and June. The climate is milder down in the South than up in Dublin.

Jeez - I could go on and on.

Tip - If you are booking a private cottage etc. make sure you ask what is in the local village/town. We stayed in a fab place years ago in Glengarrif but there was just a tiny tiny shop in the village and that was it.

multitasker Fri 15-Dec-06 23:03:57

Going to Ireland is a whole new cultural experience so embrace all on offer with open arms, don't know if I've ever came across heated pools etc...
Just head for the west and it will take your breath away - a holiday you will never forget - p.s - it will also take all your money away

Skribble Sat 16-Dec-06 00:06:15

We stayed in a cottage in a small complex of similar cottages, there was a pool but not private.

Lots of similar holiday cottage complexes and individual places too. Loads on this site

CliffRichardSucksEggsinHell Sat 16-Dec-06 00:06:54

I love you Skribble!

Skribble Sat 16-Dec-06 00:38:55

Groups of 6 to 20 odd little white fairly newly built cottages are quite commen.

We got a really good deal with one of the ferry companies, they don't do the deals anymore though.

Try Hoseasons
What about a covered wagon .

corkgirl Tue 19-Dec-06 14:04:27

This is my holiday home in west cork- very child friendly and 5 mins to pub and restaurant!

JessaJingleBells Tue 19-Dec-06 14:06:30

Just a tip...when you are there...don't call it Southern's just Ireland or Eire or the Republic

corkgirl Wed 20-Dec-06 14:01:28

just call it ireland...

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