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Hotel Louis Zante Beach - help

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KinkyDorito Sat 17-Jan-15 20:20:34

I put this in chat, but probably should have posted here!

I've just booked this - we rarely go on holiday and thought we would throw caution to the wind and try an all inclusive. DH and I have never been to Greece.

The reviews for the hotel were excellent, so went ahead and then find out that Laganas is 18-30s. Argh! I spent all afternoon trawling Trip Advisor and totally missed this.

We want a quiet holiday and think the hotel looks off-set enough to be okay. I just wondered whether anyone else had been?

Katkincake Wed 21-Jan-15 08:53:53

Not been there, but it was one on our shortlist (we've gone for a new one opening in Paphos, Cyprus) for Sept. I think you'll be OK, there are lots of reviews by people with families. I'm sure you'll find some quieter places for the evening, that's if you want to get off the hotel resort.

You tend to get the 18-30 crowd stopping in cheaper self catering places than AI resorts.

Have a fab time. I've only been to Crete (of the greek islands) but really liked it, esp the yummy greek food.

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