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Nice but cheap child friendly holiday in Europe

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WD41 Fri 16-Jan-15 10:09:57

Need some inspiration on countries / resorts. Looking for a nice but cheap destination for me, DH and DD (4) probably beginning of July before the schools break up (DD starts in Sep).

Last year we went self catering in Brittany which was good value (less than £600 for crossing and accommodation) but on reflection it wasn't the best choice for DD. Other than beach visits there was nothing for her - we did a few days around various towns which should have been lovely, but she was obviously bored trailing around & was challenging to say the least. There was no play area on site or anything, no bar, and it was dead.

So, what we're looking for this year:
- Close to a beach
- The kind of hotel or resort which would have play areas, and ideally some kind of evening entertainment...basically some life, but not a Brits abroad sort of place
- In an area of interest, ie. some scope for days out.

Willing to look at anywhere in Europe - thinking that somewhere lesser known might fit the bill of being both cheaper and not full of drunken Brits. Was considering the Costa Brava due to proximity to Barcelona for a couple of day trips, but struggling to find the right kind of hotel. The cheap ones get pretty bad reviews.

Any ideas?!

girlywhirly Fri 16-Jan-15 17:01:50

Menorca is less 'in your face' than Mallorca, only 2hrs 10mins flight. You can get self catering apartments in resorts with pools and playgrounds, rather like hotels, but they usually attract families with young DC and are close to beaches. Public buses are cheap if you don't want to drive and will take you to all the different beaches, and towns. Beach sun beds and umbrellas aren't cheap, (18 euro a day hire for two beds and umbrella) unless you buy lilos and brollies from the shop and keep using them.

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