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Tenerife - Costa Adeje

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Applesauce29 Thu 15-Jan-15 15:21:55


I'm off to Costa Adeje at the end of the month with my 5 month old. Just wondered if anyone knows whether they sell Cow & Gate pre made up formula over there (or alternative)? Will be staying in a hotel, who say they can provide a kettle, but would rather use the pre mixed stuff for convenience if I can get it over there. Planning on using Milton tablets to sterilise bottles.

Thanks in advance for any advice / tips.

charlyn Mon 19-Jan-15 11:32:26

Hi, we stayed in Costa Adeje last march with our then 12 month old. I don't remember seeing Cow and Gate premade formula (or powder) anywhere and I don't think they sell the formula cartons anywhere as we could never find any (or alternative brands) when we went to spain when lo was 4 months and we looked in several supermarkets so not sure they do them.
When we went to Tenerife we took our own cow and gate cartons that we ordered from Boots and picked up at the airport. They don't count towards your baggage allowance either. You can order online and jst pick the boots at the airport to collect them from. You need to order them at least 7 days in advance.
There is a Spar inside one of the shopping centres (sorry cant remember what its called) in Costa Adeje that sold English brands like Tesco own brand wipes so that is probably the best place to try although I didn't look what formula they had.
Hope that helps and have a good holiday!

Applesauce29 Mon 19-Jan-15 14:24:00

Thanks Charlyn! I'll look into that asap - would be so much easier just to have bottles pre mixed over there rather than have the hassle of powder and measuring and mixing that up!

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