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Blois - anybody familiar?

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TheOneWiththeNicestSmile Sun 04-Jan-15 21:25:09

We're looking to spend a few days there in August, staying in a town centre apartment. We don't know it at all so looking for recommendations of places to visit, both locally & further afield.
TIA smile

castlesintheair Tue 06-Jan-15 18:53:09

The 2 main "sights" are the chateau (right in centre of Blois) and La Maison de la Magie (good for kids) also in centre near chateau. I've only been there out of season, it's a nice place then. Very hilly!

There's lots of chateaux in the area (of course) mostly very busy in August. Cheverny is near and not as well known, therefore quieter. Chambord also near, will be heaving then but very impressive. There's one of the most beautiful villages in France nearby, Lavardin I think. Good markets in Blois itself and surrounding villages. Blois is half way between Orleans and Amboise. Interesting places. Lots of stuff about Jeanne d'Arc in the former.

TheOneWiththeNicestSmile Tue 06-Jan-15 21:53:41

oooh, thanks, castles smile

one of the reviews in the accom we're looking at mentioned the Magic place. No kids with us though - is it also good for adults?

we generally travel out of season, so August in a tourist area will be a culture shock shock

Never been to Orleans, though have passed by en route to the south. Last time we were in the Loire Valley was in Saumur in September 1978, camping, en route to Brittany (bloody chilly at night) - it'll be nice to potter about in warmer weather

castlesintheair Tue 06-Jan-15 22:13:50

Not been to the Maison de la Magie but I imagine it's worth a visit. Looks very nice from the outside!

It is lovely here in the summer, although the weather in August was very mixed last year throughout the whole of France. If you don't spend the whole time touring chateaux it won't feel too busy. Have a nice time.

catslife Thu 08-Jan-15 14:36:10

Amboise is nice. Also has a chateau but slightly more interesting is the mansion where Leonardo da Vinci spent his last days with examples of his Art and technical drawings.
Plenty of opportunities in this area to visit Caves for wine tasting, especially as you are child-free.
If you like cycling there is a lovely, long distance cycle path which follows the river Loire. Fairly easy to hire bikes in France if you don't have your own.

TheOneWiththeNicestSmile Thu 08-Jan-15 20:47:11

Thanks, castles - I'm hoping it'll be warmer & drier than here at least (Lancashire...I should be in with a chance wink)

catslife, Amboise sounds great, esp the da Vinci thing, so thanks for that!

I'm not normally a keen cyclist (DH is, quite) but a nice flat river route sounds the sort of thing I could just about manage so we'll definitely consider it smile

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