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Channel islands - which one and what's the crossing like?

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wetaugust Tue 30-Dec-14 18:49:15

Planning to visit the Channel Islands this summer, crossing from Weymouth or Poole (definitely not flying).

What's the crossing like? Do you feel claustrophobic because you cannot get onto the deck and must remain inside the craft?

Which one should I chose? I dislike commercialism and prefer coastal walks, scenery etc. Guernsey looks good? Would alos like to visit some of the smaller less inhabited ones

Thank you

captainweasel Tue 30-Dec-14 19:03:34

I haven't don't the ferry crossing for 2 years but thought you could go out on deck still.

I'm from jersey. Some parts are commercialised but there areiveky coastal walks stunning scenery and the beaches are among the best in the uk.

I've been to guernsey a few times. It's lovely.

From jersey you can get to sark. No cars no street lamps just a couple if pubs/hotels, lovely walks and a handful of friendly locals. The ferry leaves from jersey takes about an hour 30 and can be rough. And is often cancelled due to water conditions near sark harbour - small rocky harbour, boat sometimes can't risk it. It is worth a visit though. I think the last weekend in July (but check tourist website) is sheep racing which is always a good day out.

livegoldrings Tue 30-Dec-14 19:12:00

I love Guernsey for coastal walks, there are a lot of cliffs,quite a bit of climbing up and down steps and steepish paths. Lots of nice restaurants. Sark is lovely (I did get seasick in the small boat crossing to Sark though).

WetAugust Wed 31-Dec-14 13:14:08

Sheep racing grin Sounds fun

Thank you.

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