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Greece or Italy romantic break!

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summersanta Tue 30-Dec-14 16:32:05

5 days in July, leaving dc for first time in 10 years, where would you go?

Oia Here It is just beautiful.

Nevercan Tue 30-Dec-14 17:29:16

Florence we had an amazing time :-)

LIZS Tue 30-Dec-14 17:31:52

Italian lakes

amicissimma Tue 30-Dec-14 18:12:23

Eremo Gaudio hotel on lake Como, Italy. Definitely a contender for Most Romantic Hotel in The World.

InanimateCarbonRod Tue 30-Dec-14 18:14:14

Ligurian coast of Italy. Cinque Terre and then on to Sestri Levante.

summersanta Tue 30-Dec-14 20:07:45

Thank you for replies, we have been to Lake Como, it was stunning and I would go back in a flash! Santorini looks a contender, I just wonder about it being really quiet, I'm going to be fussy now, we live in the middle of nowhere so wouldn't mind a bar or two! Obviously beauty and sightseeing plus beach grin. I wondered about Crete? Paxos?

Santorini won't be quiet. If you want busy, stay somewhere else on the island and have a trip to Oia.

Oh and no good for beaches, sorry.

summersanta Tue 30-Dec-14 20:37:59

Remus, I have just been looking at Trip Advisor and it just looks amazing, I may have made my mind up! We can always visit a beach?!

It's a volcanic island, so most of the beaches are black sand. This doesn't look terribly pretty, of course, but also gets so hot that it's not at all nice to walk on. The island more than makes up for that though!

Allalonenow Tue 30-Dec-14 21:54:27

Santorini is the outer rim of a caldera, so the beaches are mainly pebble/grit backed by cliffs.
You might find more what you are looking for on Crete, maybe Rethymnon, or the Adriatic coast of Italy.

Allalonenow Tue 30-Dec-14 21:57:07

Oh, and the food will be better in Italy! fgrin

PunkrockerGirl Tue 30-Dec-14 21:58:24

The Amalfi coast, Italy. Just stunning.

Allalonenow Tue 30-Dec-14 22:06:07

YY to the Amalfi coast, fab food, lots to do, great hotels, stunning views, but poor beaches.
That's one of the places where I would go, but I'm not that keen on beaches ATM.

summersanta Thu 01-Jan-15 19:10:16

Have always wanted to go to the Amalfi Coast but busy at beginning of July? vs Santorini in unsure still!

Allalonenow Thu 01-Jan-15 19:14:42

Beaches are small and few and far between on the Amalfi coast.

AuntySib Thu 01-Jan-15 19:38:25

Nevercan. got any recommendations for Florence? Thinking of going in April. Any tips?

makemineapinot Wed 07-Jan-15 22:51:09

If you go to Crete you could do a day trip to Santorini and suss it out! If you fancy Crete, I'd recommend Elounda, Rethymnon, Chania or Sissi as they'll be not as British/Russian as main resorts but still have some life while being easy to get to! Love Italy too but my heart lies in Greece! Alternatively look at Skiathos/Skopelos/Alonissos of as previously mentioned Paxos just off Corfu.

makemineapinot Wed 07-Jan-15 22:52:06

And I love Greek and Italian food equally, if pushed to choose, I'd go Greek!

Allalonenow Thu 08-Jan-15 06:00:12

Skopelos fits your "romantic break".... Fab beaches, waterside restaurants, bars aplenty.

MrsCampbellBlack Thu 08-Jan-15 06:03:26

Ravello on the Amalfi Coast - some seriously fab hotels there too.

OneOfTheThree Thu 08-Jan-15 14:15:33

I saw you mentioned Paxos; Paxos is amazing. You can only get there by boat, so it's already quieter than a lot of islands. Loggos is a wonderful, picturesque harbour town and there is some lovely accommodation in the town itself, with lovely views across the harbour. The beaches are unspoilt, no sun loungers but pebbles, crystal-clear water, great snorkelling, fringed with olive trees. Real character, friendly people, not particularly child-friendly so mostly couples there. Have a look with Sunvil.

Easy day trip over to Anti-Paxos as well for more lovely beaches. Can highly recommend.

OneOfTheThree Thu 08-Jan-15 14:16:59

I meant that the beaches weren't very child-friendly, not the people there, btw!

Bunbaker Fri 09-Jan-15 14:46:22

We stayed here last year and the hotel was absolutely fantastic. The staff looked after us so well and the food was lovely. There are a couple of beaches nearby and the resort is quiet and low key.

I would go back tomorrow, but they don't take children any more.

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