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Northern Italy

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Maplessglobe Sun 21-Dec-14 07:58:48

Hi all
I'm looking for recommendations of places to stay in Northern Italy, probably Liguria/cinque terre sort of area.
We took a day trip to cinque terre a couple of years back purely in search of some sunshine on a particularly wet Tuscan holiday and found it beautiful.

Next year, we will have an extra DC and are planning on driving down to Italy. We've driven as far as Southern France but not to Italy, so keen to explore somewhere that's new to us (and not have the extra driving time down to Tuscany/Umbria/Le marche).

So... Does anyone have any good recommendations? We normally prefer a private villa to agriturismi though have enjoyed both in the past. Kid-friendly, a pool, clean and 2 beds+ are our only must-haves.

Thanks in advance

Rosa Sun 21-Dec-14 08:24:32 This might help

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