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switzerland End of Dec? with 2 kids 5 yrs old? mountains?

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worriednow1 Sat 20-Dec-14 18:19:48

I love mountains and want a change of scenery - is it a good place to go with 2 kids - just trails in mountains and possibly stay in accommodation in mountains? thanks

LIZS Sat 20-Dec-14 18:22:56

New Year is nice but fireworks tend to be late in the evening. Otherwise very cold and short days with no guarantee of snow (snowline is around 2500m at the moment). You need to pick a resort with plenty of indoor and non-skier options.

worriednow1 Sat 20-Dec-14 18:39:39

thank you - do you know a website of resorts in mountains with trails in mountains and evening indoor things for kids?

LIZS Sat 20-Dec-14 20:06:24

What do you mean by trails ? Are you thinking skiing, crosscountry or walking ? these hotels are family friendly and have programmes for kids but usually daytime activities. I doubt you'd get in for this New Year now though as it is a very popular time for the Swiss to go away and families book year on year.

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