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Helpful info on Vassiliki with Ocean Elements pls

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Cherrypie32 Thu 27-Nov-14 07:26:44

On the verge of booking this for w/c 1st June 15. DC's are 5 & 7 and will be our 1st activity holiday. Is Vass ok for dinghy sailing as know its a big windsurf resort. Also interested in kids club reviews as we are going week after half term so quieter.

specialsubject Sun 30-Nov-14 13:43:01

can't help with the company, but the general summer pattern in Vass is light wind in the morning and some kind of strong wind in the afternoon. The afternoon is not suitable for dinghy beginners, and your children are probably too small for afternoon joy rides. When I was a decade younger Vass was a fantastic dinghy sailing place but I have quite a lot of experience.

also be aware that they are too young to learn to sail, (RYA programmes start at 8) although that doesn't mean they can't have a go in a boat with an instructor and go on joy-rides.

AND the beach isn't sandy - otherwise all the sand would be downwind! It's a beautiful spot though.

mummymeister Tue 02-Dec-14 14:10:33

we have booked here mainly for the windsurfing. they do have other resorts that are more sailing and I would say go for one of them rather than vass. they have a great brochure to look through you will it in there. as others have said 5 and 7 will be too young for them to be allowed out either on their own or together without an adult. Ok if one of you is with them all the time but not otherwise. might be an idea to look at say a Mark Warner with watersports rather than this.

Yogamuminahottent Sat 13-Dec-14 13:36:06

What about Sivota up the coast with Neilson. There's an island between the mainland resort which means safe sailing for the kids and they get to learn a bit of sailing in kids club.

specialsubject Sat 20-Dec-14 13:35:24

bit late - but don't book Sivota if you want to sail or learn to sail. It is almost always windless. Great for waterskiing and kayaking.

Cherrypie32 Sun 21-Dec-14 22:15:43

Thanks for all info. We have booked to go to Vass in May half term with Ocean Elements. Hubby and kids already sail at the local sailing club so they are looking forward to getting on the water in some sunshine for a change! Kids Club looks great for some general messing about on the water too. We've gone with OE as we've never been into all inclusive holidays and It offers what we wanted which is small, friendly hotel accomodation with the opportunity to use local restaurants for our meals and experience the atmosphere of Greece which we love. Neilsons, Mark Warner etc always strike me as sports compounds!!

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