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Mallorca in November - any tips?

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hollyhobbie Thu 05-Oct-06 19:09:42

We're going for a week at the end of November to Mallorca. The destination and dates are fixed by DH having a business trip there. DD and I will join him.
We have our flights booked, but no accomodation yet, does anyone have any tips for us? We could stay anywhere on the island, but somewhere near a nice beach would be great and an apartment in a complex that DOESN'T shut down at the end of Oct (which is what I've been finding in my research) would be great too... I'm not even going to wish for a heated swimming pool...
Anyone got any help for us?

tiredemma Thu 05-Oct-06 21:16:42

the only resort which has any life over the winter is Palma Nova and of course Palma city itself.

Have a look around for hotels in these resorts.

hollyhobbie Fri 06-Oct-06 18:57:48

thanks tiredemma.

and a big holiday bump... anyone else got some info?

hollyhobbie Sun 08-Oct-06 18:09:14

Argh! I hate sorting out accomodation. It's always my job too.
So gonna BUMP again, in the hope someone else has some tips. Please?

TillyRose Sun 08-Oct-06 18:12:58

Book a private villa with a pool. We always look through the Owners Direct website. They always have accommodation which is available year round.

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