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throckenholt Sun 09-Nov-14 19:26:38

Can anyone tell me when the mozzies really get going ? Is the middle of June pretty much sure to have the little blighters about ? I am a mozzie magnet and really would rather not give the Swedish ones a meal smile Equally - when do they give up ? Are they still going strong in the middle of September ?

And when does spring start ? How cold would it be in southern Sweden in say middle of April ?

Any experiences ? I went there in the summer many years ago - but oddly have no memory of mozzies.

scandichick Sun 09-Nov-14 19:57:52

September would be much better than June, although it might be pretty cold (but that's the trade-off you'd have to make, I suppose...).

Likewise, April might be quite cold, probably not in the south though. I'd avoid the north at all costs if you're a mosquito magnet, you'd be eaten alive!

throckenholt Mon 10-Nov-14 07:37:08

Thanks. I think the ideal time for us would be late May - but we have already planned a trip to Scotland for then !! Similar issues re mozzies.

So the choices are April (likely too cold), June (likely too mozziefied), September (mozzie risk still if warm weather), or wait til the following year (very disappointed DS if that one smile). I think it will have to be Sept or May because the others times are too close to the Scotland trip.

We are thinking of the area north of Gothenburg - probably somewhere near the coast. Is that less affected by mozzies ? I was thinking with all the lakes it would be ideal territory for them. Or are they more hardy northern mozzies who scorn the soft south ?

scandichick Tue 11-Nov-14 19:43:52

It's usually worse inland, so that sounds like a good plan!

tipstergiver Fri 28-Nov-14 12:08:38

I have to say that I am confused about the massive importance given to mosquitos here... Being Scandinavian I have lots of summer experiences of Sweden, and have never had any particularly bad mosquito experiences. In the south (anywhere south of Stockholm) I'd say it's definitely not worse than the UK; in the north, the beginning of the summer is more mosquito prone. I have been hiking in the Swedish mountains several times; in August and September, and last time we didn't see a single mosquito.

So what I am reading here sounds very exaggerated.

If you want to go to the coast north of Gothenburg I'd go anytime you like in the summer. July is the main holiday month, schools start in mid to late August.

Weatherwise June can still be cold too, and in May you probably won't go swimming that many times (but do find a traditional Swedish sauna on the water where you first have a sauna, and then jump into the water when you are completely hot. Yes, naked, it's perfectly normal ;-) )

Have a good trip, you won't regret it!

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