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Naples or another city in Italy with teenagers.

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2fedup Sun 09-Nov-14 11:59:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hippopotamousse Wed 12-Nov-14 10:16:52

Hi, we stayed in Sorrento for a week and did a day trip over to Naples. Obviously we weren't in Naples for very long but I thought it had a different feel to other European cities I've visited - it felt more like a place where people lived than the more typically touristy cities. We really enjoyed our week over there as there was some much to see e.g. Pompeii, Vesuvius and Capri. The Naples to Sorrento train was a really easy and cheap way to get around.

justmuddlingalong Wed 12-Nov-14 10:25:19

I agree. I wouldn't stay in Naples. It's noisy and a bit grubby. Sorrento is a great base for lots of trips and is more relaxing, IMO.

mummymeister Thu 13-Nov-14 13:38:24

took our 3 to rome and had a great time. loads to do and not bored.

Billingsgatedoxy Thu 13-Nov-14 13:43:18

Naples is the only Italian City I've ever been in that I didn't like. Noisy, unfriendly, and just somehow not nice. I would really not recommend it.

weegiemum Thu 13-Nov-14 13:45:12

There's some places round and about Naples that are fantastic. In 2013 we went there for a week (did Pompeii, Herculaneum, Vesuvius, Solfatara, Naples museum, etc etc) then had 5 days in Rome.

It was a brilliant holiday, and I can recommend a fabulous family friendly B&B in Rome.

(Our dc were 13,11,9 at the time)

Romann Thu 13-Nov-14 13:50:56

I don't like Naples much - too chaotic and filthy. The setting is lovely but the city is horribly run down. But there are loads of beautiful places nearby like Pompeii, Capri and the Amalfi Coast. It will all be 40oC in the summer though.

Beehatch Thu 13-Nov-14 13:50:58

The Amalfi Coast has some amazing places for sightseeing, but personally I'd give Naples quite a wide berth apart from maybe a day trip. It is noisy and smelly, incredibly run down in places. There was a definite sense of 'lurking' in places, and you run the risk of death by moped at every corner. I wouldn't hang around there at night.

There is some amazing architecture in forgotten corners though. And if you do visit you should try the candle light tour of the subterranean tunnels.

ExitPursuedByABear Thu 13-Nov-14 15:24:58

Marking my place as DD wants to do Rome next year and would appreciate any advice.

2fedup Sat 15-Nov-14 19:19:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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