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Apartment holidays, any recommendations - 6 of us!

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wellsie Wed 04-Oct-06 19:35:42

DH & I are thinking about taking DS1 & DS2 (3&1yrs) on holiday next September along with Nanny & Pops. Need an apartment that will sleep 6 and preferably no longer than a 2-3hr flight. Have been trawling through the holiday brochures but I'm at a loss. Any ideas, recommendations would be greatly appreciated, also any to avoid.

Thanks in advance.

lapsedrunner Fri 06-Oct-06 19:42:44

Try Austria and look at, lots of them have apartments within the hotel.

wellsie Fri 06-Oct-06 19:59:18

Bump, any more recommendations. Grandparents are coming to visit this weekend and we want to book something. All recommendations considered.

Aznerak Fri 06-Oct-06 22:42:19

Message withdrawn

NotQuiteCockney Fri 06-Oct-06 22:44:21

There are loads of sites out there to rent flats. is nice, quite American, very fancy places, not cheap, but lovely. is cheaper, but still fine.

In both cases, you are renting from individuals, not from the site.

Aznerak Fri 06-Oct-06 22:44:41

Message withdrawn

Aznerak Fri 06-Oct-06 22:45:32

Message withdrawn

buktus Fri 06-Oct-06 22:49:50

looks nice

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