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3 generation holiday challenge

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PepperMallow Sun 02-Nov-14 15:35:28

We have a challenge that you might be able to lend your collective wisdom to solving.

There are many moving parts so bear with me:

3 weeks split across 3 generations. 3 different places ie a few hours drive apart, but in the same area.

Week 1: us with 3 DC (7,5 & under 2). Place 1.
Week 2: joined by MIL & FIL. Place 2.
Week 3: we leave and MIL & FIL stay. Place 3.

Airports: Gatwick or Heathrow for us, Manchester for ILs. Flights preferably under 3 hours. Transfer/drive up to 2 hours max.

Here comes the challenging bit:

Last 2 weeks in August & 1st week in September.

Somewhere with sun but not too scorrcchio. Preferably a little greenery. Not Italy (don't ask why).

All self-catering.

We'd like things to interest the children and us but not Mark Warner type holiday. Interesting lakes, maybe sea (children love the sea but we don't want to spend the whole time there), woods, countryside, waterparks, gardens perhaps, towns not large cities. We don't want to be in a big resort, preferably not a resort at all for first 2 weeks. ILs would prefer a resort! Week 2 preferably private place with a (safe) pool. Week 3 pretty much has to be a resort of some kind.

Places where we can eat out if we want to, within walking distance.

We will need 2 hire cars as well.

Oh yes, and not hugely expensive!

Is it possible? Which areas should we be looking in? Any places you would recommend?

PepperMallow Sun 02-Nov-14 16:25:55

Does anywhere like Cornwall but sunnier exist for example?!

PepperMallow Sun 02-Nov-14 18:27:33

Has anyone any experience of summer holidays in Austria?

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