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Amsterdam or Barcelona? or indeed somewhere else?

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mazzystar Tue 03-Oct-06 13:20:26

Hugely pregnant me, DH and our 2 year old. For a week in early November.

Need to get away from builders who will be transforming our house. And can't face going to my mothers.....

foxtrottingtotransylvania Tue 03-Oct-06 14:14:15


mazzystar Tue 03-Oct-06 14:33:04

DH has pooh-poohed that.

I think city breaks are more our thing.

madmarchscare Tue 03-Oct-06 14:35:05

I think you would struggle for a week in Amsterdam.

foxtrottingtotransylvania Tue 03-Oct-06 14:44:33

Are you sure? I went to edinburgh 8 months PG and the only sightseeing i could manage was on a hop on & off tour bus (didn't bothere getting off!) It'll be freezing in November too.
Centerparcs is great. DH can take LO swimming while you idle around poolside. Nice cosy villa to heat up your supply of ready meals. There's a spa if you fancy it - pedicure maybe? Ooh, i want to go. Practical note: you may not get travel insurance to cover pregnancy related complications if you go abroad.

MrsScareyFish Tue 03-Oct-06 14:45:04

look att he travel wiht kids site

MrsScareyFish Tue 03-Oct-06 14:48:29

MrsScareyFish Tue 03-Oct-06 14:48:54

mazzy di doyu see my paris thread?
lots of acafes to sit in!!

madmarchscare Tue 03-Oct-06 14:54:10

OK, I'll give you that fish.

I suppose I was thinking of my visits there many moons ago.

Still for the older child though.

UlySCREAMS Tue 03-Oct-06 14:56:36

I'm off to amsterdam in december but love love love Barcelona In fact, let me come and child mind

franca70 Tue 03-Oct-06 14:57:15

Barcelona, Amsterdam it's beautiful and I love it, but it's going to rain.... in Barcelona you might have the chance to enjoy some nice weather, and take it easy when you'll be too tired.

mazzystar Tue 03-Oct-06 15:10:06

if we do amsterdam, we'll also go to rotterdam (one of my fave cities) and utrecht, plus only 50 mins flight.

will it be warm in barcelona? i think it was quite mild and lovely when i went in late october but can't quite remember. only been once and don't have much of an idea where to stay.

franca70 Tue 03-Oct-06 16:03:47

I don't have many tips on barcelona as it's been ages, but I'm pretty sure that the weather should be at least more predictable than Amsterdam, which again, I love. we went in november two years ago, but it rained all the time, so it was a little bit of a nightmare with two small kids.

Rookiemum Thu 05-Oct-06 19:05:24

Barcelona, Barcelona. We went year before last in November wasn't massively warm but not too bad. You can get the tour bus everywhere so not too much walking and my guess is that you will enjoy all the Gaudi architecture & park Guel (probably spelt wront) as its not like anything that you could see any where else.

IvortheEngine Thu 05-Oct-06 19:08:28

Ohhh Cod, you are a gem! We're off to Amsterdam for half term! Thank you.

I loved the piccie that JoolsToo shared with me of your curtains, too. And have you seen that LA have a sale on atm?

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