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Winter Sun with 11 month old baby ANY IDEAS???

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ilovedolly Mon 02-Oct-06 20:15:44

Really want a holiday - time off booked - dh too - only problem is I have not got a clue where would be nice in December for us and the tiddler. Need to fly frm Exeter - ie Faro, Malaga ... any one with a hot tip-off out there?

ilovedolly Thu 05-Oct-06 14:14:44


lapsedrunner Fri 06-Oct-06 19:41:20

sorry to be so personal experience/hindsight stay at home and wait until "tiddler" is older!

Going abroad with a toddler is not a holiday, if you must go simply look at it as travelling somewhere new. It will not be a restful experience. Imagine coping without all those favorite toys etc that you rely on at home

clairemow Fri 06-Oct-06 19:49:06

No, go on holiday - a change of scenery will do you good - you just have to be organised with your packing! How about the Canaries, should be warmer than Spain in December. We went to Lanzarote with DS when he was 9 months, and had a lovely time pootling about by the pool and on the beach. You can get all the same stuff there as here, nappies, baby food etc. and we found all the restaurants etc. really baby friendly.

You could look at where you can get to from Bristol as well maybe?

noonar Sat 07-Oct-06 08:42:14

yes, do it!!!

we went to pricessa yaiza hotel, playa blanca, lanzarote, with a 4mo and 2 yo. it was fab!

they are an all suite/apartment hotel- 5 star. they have free childcare, fantastic breakfast included, right on beach, 3 pools, hot tub, lots of on site and nearby restaurants. roomservice, but no baby listening.

we went with sovereign.

not sure about flights from exeter though.

noonar Sat 07-Oct-06 08:43:50

ps if you can get to the canaries, the weather will be so much better than mainland spain/ balearics.

ilovedolly Sun 08-Oct-06 19:35:26

good ideas thanks - I know it will not be as 'relaxing' as leaving dd with my mother for a week (ha ha I think I would need to pay her) but we need some time together as family I reckon. AWAY from the TV and dhs workplace!!

ilovedolly Sun 08-Oct-06 19:37:29

and anyway dds favourite toy is a wooden spoon so think we'll manage abroad. she is happy anywhere there are people to stare at.

chocolateshoes Sun 08-Oct-06 19:39:33

Don't know about Exeter flights I'm afraid but we flew to Tenerife at Cmas when DS was 6mths. We stayed in Apartmentos Riu Adeje (4Star)which was ideal as you have slef-catering facilities bat can opt in to use the restaurant. We are going again this Cmas.

I would definately go!

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