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PLEASE HELP!!! Disneyland Paris in December

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dancewiththetreedoug Sat 25-Oct-14 09:59:42

So, I am looking to book DLP, I've already worked out that booking separately is MUCH cheaper...All I need to book is travel (euro tunnel I think), tickets to the park and a hotel...right?!
I think I'm over thinking this and my brain has become frazzled confused
Is there anything else I need to do/know?
Thank you, oh wise, mners!

Heels99 Sat 25-Oct-14 11:13:42

Think about whether half board is a good option as food is expensive.
Book restaurants in advance or as soon as you get there, queues are long.
Expect it to be very busy and cold.
Have a great time.
Take own snacks, biscuits, crisps, bread sticks etc if you can to amuse kids whilst queuing and keep you refuelled without buying expensive snacks.
Take own water bottles and refill as needed.


Heels99 Sat 25-Oct-14 11:14:29

Are you sure it works out cheaper to do it yourself? Price it up then check with travel agent

dancewiththetreedoug Sat 25-Oct-14 18:35:54

Thank you for your help grin I managed to book travel, tickets and hotel for just under 500. I think that's a good price?!
Now to wait until new year before we go!!

CaurnieBred Fri 21-Nov-14 16:47:57

Take thermals! We basically wore what we would for a day's skiing (including outer wear)! It did actually snow when we were there for New Year.

PesoPenguin Fri 28-Nov-14 22:55:09

We're going for new year too, see you there!

mummymeister Sat 29-Nov-14 11:09:29

we have been at this time of year. it was very very cold and wet. make sure you take some really decent waterproof shoes. we ended up in wellies which wasn't great but neither was the cold wet feet option. take a couple of pairs of gloves and hats so you can swop wet for dry. hope you have a great time.

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