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Flying home from Cyprus with a 3 year old and a 1 year on my own tomorrow - help required.

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Medulla Fri 29-Sep-06 18:23:47

Ideas for entertainment, we have the usual - couple of books, little bit of colouring. Need some ideas for games we can play. I spy is always a favourite any others?

Medulla Fri 29-Sep-06 18:25:44

Oh and do I still have to taste the baby milk - because I just don't hink I can do it!! Can I get my 3 year old to do it?

Medulla Fri 29-Sep-06 18:40:23

someone must know some good games/activites!

maggiesmama Fri 29-Sep-06 18:49:32

hi, flew from paphos on wednesday, and there was no security checks, no probs taking liquids etc, not probs with bag size etc... but predictably massive queues in duty free and shop.

moondog Fri 29-Sep-06 19:02:04

You'll be fine and home before you know it.Do it regularly from Turkey with 2 and 5 year old (and have been doing it for 5 years)
The food alone will keep them occupied for a good hour.

hana Fri 29-Sep-06 19:02:47


maggiesmama Fri 29-Sep-06 19:03:56

oh, also, i told my dd she had to help the captain and got her to press the buttons on the armrests and stuff and pretend she was flying.

and i bought a cheap set of plastic tools in the airport and she fixed the plane

ills Fri 29-Sep-06 19:16:03

Wrap all the books etc up and let them unwrap them gradually takes time.

Medulla Fri 29-Sep-06 20:12:50

Thanks, can't sleep now head is buzzing and got to be up in 5 hours! Some good suggestions there. Glad the hand baggage restrictions hve been relaxed, haven't flown since they came in.

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