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First time flying with twins 15weeks old

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twinsinjune Tue 07-Oct-14 20:33:15

Well we are flying at the weekend on Ryanair to Ireland from Stansted.
Lots of Questions and we would like some help if anyone is happy to.

1 We are taking car seats, carry cots and a frame along with 1 checked bag and 2 pieces of hand luggage, will we have to check all of this at the baggage check in or can we keep some with us. The frame needs the carry cots or car seats to sit/lay the babes in
2 Can we pack items in the carry cots to supplement the baggage limit
3 How much pre-mixed formula can we take through security and how does this work
4 will we be better off making 4 bottles, we normally just carry clean bottles and pour in pre-mixed.
5 How do the baby harnesses work and any tips for having the kids on your lap for 2 hours

Plus any good advice is welcome we use a icandy travel system so the adapters for the second car-seat / cot need to be detached to fold it and we are worried if left to baggage handlers they may go missing.

Ok thanks in advance for any feedback

homeaway Tue 07-Oct-14 20:39:37

I would get a travel bag cover for the pushchair. Pack any spare parts that could be broken in your luggage . I would put the car seats in plastic bags as well as they might end up wet if it is raining when they unload them. You can normally take a pushchair to the gate and it will be loaded from there. Babies go in a special belt that is attached through yours .

twinsinjune Tue 07-Oct-14 20:55:05

Does that mean we could take the car seats on the plane as carry on?

AliBingo Thu 09-Oct-14 12:01:23

We had to check our car seat recently, it came out mucky on the return flight so I'd second the suggestion of bagging it.

We were allowed 6 bottles of premixed for a 4 hour flight (one baby) and they tested them in a special machine, we didn't have to open/ taste any.

AliBingo Thu 09-Oct-14 12:03:46

The harness was like a belt for baby, made of seatbelt material with a seatbelt buckle, with a loop on it which I had to pass my lap belt through. Our baby seemed happy enough on the flight, we took turns holding him, tbh holding him was a relaxing rest from entertaining the toddler!

Minion Thu 09-Oct-14 12:08:18

As above but be aware that you and whichever adult is travelling with you may have to sit behind each other or across the orws from one another. This is due to the oxygen mask configuration, most aircraft have only 1 extra mask above each row, which means if 3 adults fill the seats then there will be 1 less mask for your infant. its ok if one seat is spare. However Ryanair fill their aircraft up to maximise profit, so be alarmed if the crew ask one of you to move seats with a baby.

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