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Has anybody been to Mark Warner Levante Beach in Rhodes?

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kiwidave Tue 23-Sep-14 21:42:33

Unfortunately (if you are paying the bills) our family seems to have become hooked on activity based water sports holidays. We tried Lakitira Beach first with Mark Warner and thanks to MumsNet we tried Neilson in Lemnos this year and were not disappointed. So thanks for all those comments. The childcare was amazing and the local staff could not have been more helpful. When trying to rebook the same holiday I was shocked to be told that the price had gone up £500. Turning an expensive holiday into a non-starter. So hence the question. Has anybody been to Levante Beach? What was the kids club like? Would you recommend? Any tips comments welcome

inconceivableme Wed 17-Dec-14 00:23:19

Am thinking of booking for next summer. They're offering free child places if you book by 30 Dec. We went to Corsica with MW in June and loved it!

Willabywallaby Fri 02-Jan-15 19:39:05

Levante beach was lovely, kids club good for us.

We went the first week in September and it was much quieter than the week before apparently.

CQ Fri 02-Jan-15 19:45:22

We've been the last 3 years. October half term so not so boiling hot as DH loves to play tennis, and we just know what to expect there so it's easy to go back.

Perfect for us with 2 teenagers, they disappear off in a pack of grunting mates, DH plays tennis, I do yoga/tennis and read voraciously for a week. Bliss.

The kids clubs seem well organised, the little tots are just a joy to watch now mine are well past that stage. They walk from one activity to another in little singing crocodiles.

One of the sweetest sights last time was one of the toddler groups playing in the baby pool with a sailing dinghy - complete with lifeguard, lifejackets and more staff than toddlers - couldn't have been safer.

The local Greek staff are all lovely too.

Would highly recommend. And no, I don't work for MW grin

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