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Menorca- Which Resort?

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Janbo25 Mon 18-Sep-06 18:40:15

Which resort is best to book for the following criteria:

We want a nice villa close to the centre with a private pool, there will be 4 adults and 2 children aged 2 & 7 therefore would like the beaches to be nice for them to play on.

With regards the resort would like it to have things for the childrens entertainment but not OTT and would also like nice restuarants perhaps round near the sea.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

smoggie Mon 18-Sep-06 19:08:13

Cala Galdana was lovely - you have to be careful which villa you choose as it's on a bit of a steep hill, might get a bit tricky with a pushchair. We visited there for a day and it was def., somewhere I'd go back to. Lovely beach, nice places to eat and 'nice' people IYKWIM. Just a bit of a treck up to some of the villas.
We stayed in a lovely villa in Cala n' blanes at the north end of the island. Villa was lovely but resort a bit chavvy and beach not great.
I think in general the beaches/resorts on the south of the island are good for families - Son Bou, Cala Galdana etc.

COD Mon 18-Sep-06 19:19:05

Message withdrawn

mosschops30 Mon 18-Sep-06 19:32:05

We went to Cala'n'Bosch this year and will be going back next year without a doubt. It was a very family orientated resort but not full of those nasty 'superfamily' hotels! The resort itself was lovely, nice marina, lots of restaurants and just a few quiet bars where we could take the kids (10 yrs and 15 months). Would highly recommend the Viva menorca apts if you dont get a villa

onlyjoking9329 Mon 18-Sep-06 19:39:50

we have been to cala n porter twice we used james villas horabaxi, nice place to stay, but a bit of a hike to the beach thou there is a land train, some fab eating places and a soft play place that opened last year, everything is within walking distance if you don't want to hire a car.

Janbo25 Mon 18-Sep-06 21:30:01

mosschops was the viva minorca all inclusive>?

COD Mon 18-Sep-06 22:14:52

Message withdrawn

Janbo25 Mon 18-Sep-06 22:45:56

can anyone recommend any good villas in cala n bosch?

LaDiDaDi Tue 19-Sep-06 22:44:01

Ooh Mosschops that's great to hear as we (me, dp and dd aged 4m) are all of to the viva menorca apts on Friday for a week. Dp is really stressed about taking little dd away so it's lovely to hear good stories about where we are going so that I can reassure him a bit more.

mosschops30 Wed 20-Sep-06 20:14:35

janbo, no its not, but in a place like that who wants to be? You can eat somewhere different every night and the restaurants and bars love the children. They do have a nice restaurant on site and you can pay extra to go half/full board.

Ladidadi, you will love it, its a very good standard, spotlessly clean, great for children without being tacky. Just to warn you they charge for cots in the resort, I was not amused, but it was so lovely there I wasnt mad for long

Janbo25 Fri 22-Sep-06 11:17:21

i was only asking mosschops because we went to a viva holiday village in majorca and loved it we went self catering however they did all inclusive to and we thought that it spoilt it because we were paying for beer that appeared to be wtered down because of the all inclusive clientele!
i agree why do you need to be a/i

mosschops30 Fri 22-Sep-06 13:17:16

at watered down beer

Janbo25 Sun 24-Sep-06 15:45:05

We have booked our flights now for next year so are busy looking for a villa, was thinking of cala n bosch can anyone help?

LaDiDaDi Fri 29-Sep-06 17:24:45

I got back from Cala n Bosch at lunctime today. We had a lovely week at the Viva Menorca. It was a lovely apartment complex, very well maintained although the childrens pool was tiny and I imagine gets very busy during July and August. Cala n Bosch itself was ideal for us as it was nice and flat with a great selection of restaurants at the marina, a short walk away from the apartment.

Mosschops, I managed to escape without paying for the cot . When we arrived they asked if I wanted to pay for it then or later, I said I would pay for it later and then when dp checked us out they forgot to mention it and we certainly didn't remind them. It is a bit of a cheek as they charge 5Euro per night and every second family on holiday there probably uses one. Overall we had a lovely time and dp, who had been really worried about taking dd away, agreed that it had been great .

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