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Lake Garda - anyone stayed anywhere nice?

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GrainDeMalice Mon 04-Aug-14 09:16:49

I would like to be walking distance to the town/lake and would prefer not to be in a mobile home. Otherwise quite flexible. It would be Dh, dd and I.

Any suggestions?

mrsnec Mon 04-Aug-14 09:29:31

Sorry I've not been myself but have been meaning to ask the same question so watching with interest!

gracegrape Mon 04-Aug-14 10:24:33

Not terribly helpful but I stayed in a place called Desenzano del Garda and I didn't like it. It was quite built up. It was on the very south-eastern tip of the lake though so was convenient for driving to places like Verona and Venice if you wanted to make the trip?

I have heard it's quite nice a bit further up near Salo or at the top end of the lake.

Lilymaid Mon 04-Aug-14 10:28:01

I'm off to Desenzano at the end of the month exactly because you can get to Verona and Venice easily. The scenery further up the lake is nicer but you are more restricted then on travelling more widely.

3catsandcounting Mon 04-Aug-14 11:43:54

We're off to Peschiera next week! We're staying in a mobile on a campsite (not my ideal, but we have teens!). I believe Bardolino and Lazise are really lovely, but when researching for our holiday I came across Paoino Resort (bit of a trek into town which put us off) and Germano apartments at Parc Hotel.

3catsandcounting Mon 04-Aug-14 11:45:52

*Poaino resort!

outtheothersidefinally Mon 04-Aug-14 11:54:13

Stay in Riva del Garda. Incredible. Lots of great hotels....there's one in particular that would be a wonderful holiday, I'll try to google it...

outtheothersidefinally Mon 04-Aug-14 12:05:39

This is it.
Friend got married there. Lots of great hotels though!

AliceMum09 Mon 04-Aug-14 21:40:32

We stayed here 6 years ago when friends got married. We only had DS at the time, he was 2 3/4. It was a really nice hotel, on the lake so lots for DS to look at, and if you went about 5 minutes along the lakeside path away from town there was a playground and a nice cafe.

It was about 10 minutes walk into the town, it was lovely and you can get the boat to all the other resorts. There is also the cable car to ride up the mountain, which DS loved and again there was a playground at the top and cows with bells on their necks to amuse DS!

We booked with the hotel direct, but lots of UK tour operators seem to go there.

PeppermintInfusion Tue 05-Aug-14 12:02:45

Garda and Bardolino are probably the best villages for what you're after.
They aren't too far to travel from Verona airport, have lovely walks along the water's edge and flat enough for walking. Lovely squares and restaurants, lots of families and the boats seem to have a good timetable to most places on the lake from both of these and the bus is handy along that stretch of the lake. You could also walk between Garda, Bardolino etc. Great for a first time visit.

Further north is a bit quieter, Malcesine has beautiful cobbled streets, but very hilly. Definitely worth a visit though, also access to Monte Baldo is from here.
Riva is quite a big town at the northern tip, but it is windier up there (lots of wind surfing etc) and definitely had an older clientele overall. It also took a lot longer on the boat to visit the other towns and also to get there from the airport.

The left side of the lake is very quiet- lovely if you are after a secluded villa but a car would definitely be needed, and there isn't much happening.

Densenzano, is where the young, rich and beautiful come to party from Milan arriving in their sports cars at the weekend. I enjoyed staying there well enough, but preferred other villages more. It is handy for the train station with good links to other places.
Sirmione at the bottom is a walled village, I stayed there once and it was lovely but found it very hot without the breeze due to the walls, and the narrow streets got crowded.

PeppermintInfusion Tue 05-Aug-14 12:08:06

Ps the Du Lac hotel someone linked to above, also have a hotel in Bardolino, definitely one to consider. Also liked the Parc Hotel Gritti there too. My mother stayed in the Color Hotel and recommended it but haven't stayed there myself.

HauntedNoddyCar Tue 05-Aug-14 12:15:06

Bardolino is nice. We stayed in a hotel which was great for couples but no so much for families and I cannot remember the name but the place was lovely.

squillionaire Wed 06-Aug-14 00:16:45

We have stayed a couple of times at Il Paradiso golf resort close to Peschiera del Garda, we are going again in a couple of weeks. It is not so close that you can walk into town but it does have a reliable shuttle bus. We like it as it has fairly cheap apartments (if budget if a consideration), indoor and outdoor pool, close to lots of stuff to do (although I agree the Northern end of the lake is more scenic). It has two hotels and two apartment complexes, so you can pick something that suits you. That sounds like a concrete jungle but it's not really, if you are looking for somewhere that has nice self catering apartments, not too expensive it may be worth a look. PM me if you want more information.

grocklebox Wed 06-Aug-14 00:18:04

There are a great many towns around the lake, its huge! You might be better off picking at least what side of the lake you want to be, and narrowing it down a bit.

Bunbaker Wed 06-Aug-14 08:50:05

I have stayed in Garda and Sirmione and liked both equally. The advantage of staying on the east side is that you keep the sun for longer and see some amazing sunsets. If you stay in the west, particularly if you are further north where it is quite mountainous you lose the sun in the early evening.

Garda is a good location from the point of view of seeing other towns round the lake. You can do Malcesine in a day trip whereas if you were in Sirmione the ferry takes too long.

Verona is easily done in a day trip from Sirmione and Garda as well.

Sirmione has a fantastic castle and old town and gets quite busy during the day from day trippers. Garda has more lakeside cafes and you can walk or ride a bike right next to the lake.

We stayed here when we were in Garda. It is about 5 minutes from the lake and has a nice pool area. The pool, however, is not for non swimmers. The staff at the hotel were fantastic and nothing was too much effort for them.

GrainDeMalice Thu 07-Aug-14 18:00:41

Oh some lovely suggestions - thank you. I am fancying Bardolino/Garda at the mo - have been before - and we want to stay that side of the lake for Gardaland etc. I stayed in Peschiera last time but that was years ago pre dd.

HauntedNoddyCar Thu 07-Aug-14 20:26:26

I think the hotel in Bardolino was the Nettuno. Have been wracking my brain!

alwayssleepy Tue 19-Aug-14 18:15:06

Oooo this is a perfect thread, I am also looking for a hotel on Lake Garda, walkable to a nice village with restaurants, suitable for kids.

Will look at Garda and Bardolino!

Taffeta Wed 20-Aug-14 22:36:17

We stayed at the Hotel Poiano in Garda last year and it was wonderful. Really recommend it. But it's not in the centre, there is a shuttle bus but we had a car which made travelling round really easy.

elizabethcharlotte Sun 31-Aug-14 22:14:16

We are thinking of staying in/near Garda next summer. Can anyone tell me what the weather is like in August please?

Bunbaker Sun 31-Aug-14 22:29:52

Hot and sunny, but not unbearable - about 30 degrees. Apparently they have had an awful summer this year, but we have been twice in August and it has been gorgeous.

WildThong Mon 01-Sep-14 17:32:02

I love lake Garda! We've been self catering before and would like to try a hotel this year. Do any of you know of a decent hotel with interconnecting rooms, preferably in the Garda/Bardolino area but anywhere else as well?

NotCitrus Tue 02-Sep-14 21:53:08

Bardolino is lovely, especially the wine museum, but lots of restaurants in the village, and a couple up in the hills (if you don't mind a long walk back) and along the lake.

Hotel Color was fab - may have interconnecting rooms.

DeliveredByKiki Mon 06-Feb-17 03:29:45

I know this is a movie thread but I want to keep track of it and bump for more options

We're looking at 2-3nights inLake Garda this summer, trying to get away with not hiring a car so prob Bardolino/Garda based on the above

We have 2DC (5&8) and would like to do a hotel, pool optional but a nice plus. Does either town have a beach? And can you get the ferry across to other towns/villages easily? Neither child is into water sports but they can swim so this is will a bit "outdoorsy" in our trip sandwiched between Rome and Venice

Any recommendations v welcome!

DeliveredByKiki Mon 06-Feb-17 03:31:25

*zombie thread

Recs for child friendly (under 2.5mile) hikes too would be ace

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