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Anyone been to Center Parcs in Holland or Belgium?

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BaconAndAvocado Tue 01-Jul-14 21:19:01

Just been looking at prices! So much cheaper than UK.

Facilities look very similar and villas lovely.

We love Center Parcs here but are fed up of paying through the nose!


TheMoreItSnows Tue 01-Jul-14 21:25:58

My kids went to Duinrell, Holland with my folks for 4 days or so this year - loved it. I didn't go though, so limited in what i could tell you.....

It seems to have worked really well, and easy to organise. They have gone on ever since coming back about the swimming pool slides and the roller coaster rides (they are 8 and 9 yrs)

That's not helpful is it?!

frames Tue 01-Jul-14 21:29:45

Have done Holland. Much cheaper than UK as very few activities or childcare or selection of eating places. I would rather spend the £ on UK park, but I love all the stuff at cp so suits me!

AryaUnderfoot Tue 01-Jul-14 22:07:52

Yes, we went to De Vossemeren in Belgium during February half term. We have been to Longleat and Sherwood in UK, and found the Belgian site compared favourably. De Vossemeren was much less 'busy' and seemed less overdeveloped.

We have booked to go back next year; 6 nights during May half term for a VIP villa for 670 euros. The cheapest break at Longleat was £999 for 4 nights. On top of the price difference, the 'discovery bay' indoor play area (no extra cost) and the fact that my 4 year-old can go down the rapids at De Vossemeren (in a life-jacket) swing it for us.

If you want any further info, feel free to pm me.

BaconAndAvocado Tue 01-Jul-14 22:25:02

Thanks arya

Wow! LOs allowed on the rapids, that seals the deal!

How much is the channel tunnel/ferry crossing?

Pushka2 Fri 11-Jul-14 21:51:04

We did de kempervennen in Holland when the kids were little (5 and 3) for a week. I've only ever been to Elveden for a long weekend so have limited experience to compare. However for the price (much cheaper than the UK) it was better. Just as much to do if not more - we also did the indoor skiing 1 day as we'd just started taking the DC's skiing. We also got the train into Amsterdam for the day and did some sightseeing. I would definitely pick a foreign CP over the UK ones any day.

AryaUnderfoot Sat 12-Jul-14 16:24:56

Sorry, Bacon, I've only just seen your reply. We paid about 150 quid for the return shuttle crossings at the most expensive time of day and including travel insurance/road assistance and the supplement for a bike roof rack.

Pimpf Sat 12-Jul-14 16:29:42

Ooh pushes, we're going there for oct half term. Can't wait

Branleuse Sat 12-Jul-14 16:31:43

do they still have deer?

Pimpf Sat 12-Jul-14 16:31:45

Sorry, pushka, damn autocorrect!

PortofinoRevisited Sun 13-Jul-14 09:03:15

Been to De Kempervennen, Eperheide and Duinrell. Great value for money. Also look at - not quite CP in terms of facilities - but some lovely parks at reasonable prices. I have been to Hoog Vaals about 4 times.

Branleuse Sun 13-Jul-14 12:44:07

deer? other wildlife??

i know they have similar facilities, but is it still forests and wildlife on the patio?

Pushka2 Sun 13-Jul-14 13:05:34

it was a long time ago that we went so it might have changed however I only remember wildlife on the patio.

We also did the VIP villa if I remember it where they delivered breakfast every morning. It was definitely amazing value compared to the UK CP we had been to.

Pushka2 Sun 13-Jul-14 13:12:21

Just remembered (shows how bad my memory is), there was also a little kids farm area with goats etc to pet and elsewhere on the park some water animals fish etc to look at.

Livpie Sun 20-Jul-14 20:38:19

Went to De Kempervennen during May half term, was fantastic value 495 euros midweek in a lovely refurbished VIP cottage with 4 free activities and free Wifi. Less than 3 hours from Calais and parc wasn't too busy as Dutch term time. We went with a group and loved it.

Ditsydoris Sat 01-Aug-15 07:19:50

Is it free wi fi

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