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Easy holiday with 5 month old?

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Khany10 Wed 23-Apr-14 09:44:56

We are planning to go for a week break in June when DD will be 5 months old. I literally don't know where to start looking.

Has anyone been anywhere 4(ish) stars, reasonably priced and has beach/pool/restaurants?

It will be our first time taking her away, so don't want too much travelling hassle!


SooticaTheWitchesCat Thu 24-Apr-14 10:37:07

I can only tell you what we did when ours were babies. We always rented a private apartment so we could have space inside rather than being restricted to a hotel room, which is hard with a baby. It also gave us a fridge and somewhere to prepare baby food should we need to.

We went to Turkey when they were babies as that is where my husband is from so we know it really well.

sparrowcottage Fri 25-Apr-14 08:33:44

easy peasy, start with mumsnet!

i just had a quick look at the availability and there is one just space left on the 28th June in the smallest apartment, ie cheapest and fine for little baby. grab it, hands down best place for little ones and their knackered parents and easy journey, alicante is closest airport.

Khany10 Sun 27-Apr-14 22:15:09

Thank you so much. An apartment is a great idea! We may be weaning by the time we go.

The place on Spain looks gorgeous. I'll ask DH to look at it tomo and see if he fancies it.

fiestaforever Mon 05-May-14 18:25:39

did you book at caseriodelmirador, you should, its amazing.. i havnt written up my trip yet for MN but so easy, so nice, perfect with little baby..

sergeantmajor Thu 08-May-14 11:45:03

If you want a hotel, Almyra in Cyprus is really good, as you can ask for a load of baby equipment in advance, and they have it all set up in your room on arrival! Things like bottle sterilisers, bottle warmers, baby baths, etc.

sergeantmajor Thu 08-May-14 11:48:55

Sorry, here is a link for Almyra and also another suggestion, Mazagan in Morocco, which has a free creche for babies, giving you a little breather.

beanandspud Sun 18-May-14 22:12:03

Don't know if this is a bit late but we had several James Villas holidays when DC was that age. Portugal was good - we had a 2 bed house at Parque de Floreste. DC could sleep and we could sit on the terrace with a glass of wine. Pools were lovely and we went out and about during the day but found places where DC could nap and we could sunbathe/read.

Lots of supermarkets for food and much easier to doing weaning stuff when you have a kitchen.

Self catering might not be for everyone but we ate out at lunchtime and then had easy pasta, bread, olives, cheese, meat etc. in the evenings.

blossomblowing Mon 19-May-14 16:33:21

if you dont want hassle, fly to alicante and go to caseriodelmirador. prob been told that before sorry! so nice for babies and pureed butternut on tap. and muslins and bouncy chairs and baby gyms. and wine. i am trying to find somewhere similar but maybe should just do the same again.

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