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Which holiday village shoudl we go to? Has the one in Ibiza opened yet?

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hulahoopsilove Tue 22-Apr-14 16:12:31

want to book for next year Ive heard the Rhodes one is good, or a new one in Ibiza was thinking of going here anyone been or going?

ilovepowerhoop Tue 22-Apr-14 19:09:15

we have been to the Tunisia one twice and are going to the Tenerife one this year (friends have been and recommended it). Rhodes was too expensive for us.

hulahoopsilove Wed 23-Apr-14 12:21:40

dont fancy Tunisa but do Rhodes they are releasing free child places soon so I may look for Rhodes then

Monstersmum11 Wed 23-Apr-14 21:38:13

My friends are going to the Ibiza one next week.
I will find out what they thought and report back smile

BobTheFly Wed 23-Apr-14 21:39:00

Spain one was our favourite. :-)

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