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Mojacar Playa please........

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triplets Sat 19-Apr-14 23:08:50

Never been, we have a niece who owns an apt there, thinking of meeting up this Aug. Can anyone recommend a self catering accommodation, must have a double and two twin rooms and be within easy walking distance from the beach/restaurants etc. Thank you smile

triplets Tue 22-Apr-14 22:59:46

Has no one been?

fussychica Sat 03-May-14 09:55:48

Just back from a month in the area. Visit MP regularly but never stayed in the resort. There are loads of lovely places to stay though - ask your niece for where she thinks will suit you best. Close to the Commercial centre or the Red Cross are good for beach and facilities. Visit KOI for great coffee for 1.50 euros. Comes with water, juice, pastry, donuts and nuts - bargain of century. Feel free to ask anything else.

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