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any been to tunisia this year?

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eden123 Tue 22-Aug-06 21:22:15

off to tunisia (hammamet yasmin) on thursday and hear conflicting reports. some say its lovely, nice beaches etc, and others say the food is bad and you get hasseled a lot! just wondered if anyone had any experiences good or bad. am travelling with my 3 kids, 6,4 and1 and hubbyx

Janbo25 Tue 22-Aug-06 21:25:52

Not got any advice but i to am considering it for next year and like you have heard conflicting reports that the beaches are lovely but the whole place smells!!

eden123 Tue 22-Aug-06 21:30:00

will let you know in 2 weeks!maybe i should take a few nose pegs!

KathH Fri 25-Aug-06 21:44:48

will await your report with interest as we're going in october!

cutekids Fri 25-Aug-06 21:49:54

I went years ago and the place was very interesting to say the least.You're in "biblical"world with a bit of modern thrown in just to confuse you.However,always promised myself i'd go back there eventually. Travel agent told me a couple of days ago that it's most definately the bestest place ever for kids...!(if you'd asked me i'd have said definately not...but )apparently it is absolutely fantastic for kids...especially for Port El Kantoui...which-when I was there-was a lock up other words you had to"know"people to get in.

sammac Fri 25-Aug-06 21:53:30

We've been last 2 years to a place just 5 kms from Hammamet. Didn't notice it being smelly, and the beaches are lovely. We had lovely food, but that depends on the individual places( we had no upset tummies either)

If you go to the markets you will get hassled the way you would in any foreign country if you're obviously a tourist(with cash to spend)However, the people were very friendly and all could speak some english.

We're going for a third time later this year- and we don't do that normally- this time we're going to Hammamet! My kids are 4 and 12, so been going since ds was 2.

Aero Fri 25-Aug-06 21:54:51

>>>>>Hi sammac<<<<<<< xx

Was just going to mention you'd been and here you are.

sammac Fri 25-Aug-06 21:55:36

Couldn't resist go and sign in

Aero Fri 25-Aug-06 22:01:08


hitchcock Mon 04-Sep-06 07:53:33

help can anyone give me some advice going to tunisia 1st week of october with 2yr old and 10 month old . my question is this what baby food is available, has anyone traveled to tunisia with a baby under the aged of 1 yr. also has anyone been to kerkennah whats it like ?????
thanks for your help

hitchcock Mon 04-Sep-06 22:48:20

sorry bumping this

hitchcock Tue 05-Sep-06 10:48:53

kathh where are you going ??? we are going 30 sep

KathH Tue 05-Sep-06 19:41:33

Hammamet - I'm terrified! Some of the hotel reviews say its really good & some say its a hell hole - should remember my own advice not to check reviews once you've already booked!

hitchcock Tue 05-Sep-06 20:51:26

when u going

hitchcock Tue 05-Sep-06 20:52:50

we going port el something hotel got good write ups so fingers crossed we should be ok really looking forward to it

KathH Tue 05-Sep-06 21:25:52

October 21st we're going - do you mean port el kantiou or something? If you did, dh's dad & stepmum went a few years ago & loved it. We were really shocked! They're notoriously fussy & said it was the best holiday they'd had. His stepmum is in a wheelchair & we thought they were loonies to go to Tunisia. Just shows what I know about anything!

hitchcock Wed 06-Sep-06 16:05:57

ah let you know how we got on we get back 14/10 yeah thats is where iam going so they enjoyed then???

estobi1 Wed 06-Sep-06 22:36:50

I'm going to Port el Kantoui on Sunday for two weeks with dh and dd (age 20 months) at the Rui Imperial Marharba (few misspellings there I bet!) If you are going feel free to contact me at end of September and I will tell all!

hitchcock Thu 07-Sep-06 16:08:09

thanks i will let me know how you get on. im going to be staying at the kanta which is nr the marina xxx have a good holiday xxx

ecb Tue 12-Sep-06 13:36:52

we are off to tunisia at the end of oct. heard good and bad about hotel/ resort and tunisia in general. trying to keep an open mind and niot be to worried.
we are going all inclusive

hitchcock Wed 13-Sep-06 14:38:31

where are you going??????

ecb Wed 13-Sep-06 21:28:46

we are going to hammett all inclusive staying at the hotel shalimar on the 29/10.

hitchcock Thu 14-Sep-06 22:34:43

not long be4 we all go on holiday girls looking forward to it?????????

hitchcock Wed 20-Sep-06 10:54:30

estobi 1 are you back yet if so how was yr holiday want to know everything xxxx
speak soon

ecb Mon 25-Sep-06 21:58:21

well how was your holiday?or was it so awful you can't bear to tell us?

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