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All inclusive Greece with toddler and 6 month old?

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Thesunrising Tue 15-Apr-14 21:22:38

Any good recommendations for such a place in Greece or Greek islands please? Want to go first week of June this year (so a last minute booking). Want somewhere with a short transfer from the airport (under 45 minutes). Budget roughly £2k including flights.

Accomodation - want a family suite with separate living/sleeping areas, swimming pool, decent food, activities for just-turned 3 year old. Not able to drive so needs to be near to local town or resort needs to have a shuttle bus. Within walking distance to a beach and/or parks/other areas of interest for short walks etc.

I'm bewildered by all the choice available so very grateful for any recommendations!

HettyD Thu 17-Apr-14 22:26:57

Mark Warner is amazing but pricey...

SuperLurker Sat 19-Apr-14 18:45:43

Sensatori in Crete is an option Destination&igid=Sensatori_Crete&ik_id=Greece_Sensatori&im_id=PPC&is_id=Google&it_id=EF&iu_id=Exact

SuperLurker Sat 19-Apr-14 18:46:56

_Destination&ig_id=Sensatori_Crete&ik_id=Greece_Sensatori&im_id=PPC&is_id=Google&it_id=EF&iu_id=Exact Sensatori

Waswondering Sat 19-Apr-14 18:48:25

Blue Lagoon Village, Kos. Beautiful resort.

LoadsaBlusher Sun 20-Apr-14 06:44:08

Thomson Louis family resort
we picked it due to short transfer only 8km from airport so 15 min transfer
Thomson kids clubs/ crèche / family rooms with partition doors also you can hire mothercare equipment

Thesunrising Sun 11-May-14 07:25:40

Thanks for messages. The sensatori option looked fab but was too pricey for the week we wanted. Have booked a week at the Louis family resort in Corfu - thanks Loadsablusher for the recommendation!

makemineapinot Thu 15-May-14 23:32:16

Instead of AI (which is killing the local economy) why don't you look at hb , sc or fb in a family hotel like The Anastasia in Crete and have a fab, relaxed Greek holiday which is
a) a more truly Greek experience,therefore far better than just Brits abroad
b) helps the locals as the money you are pending goes to them rather than huge multinationals.

makemineapinot Thu 15-May-14 23:36:33

Oops, didn't see last post! Used to work for the Louis group so enjoy!!

Ruralninja Fri 16-May-14 08:42:43

look at Neilson holidays...I went to their place in Sivota which was fabulous

RonaldMcDonald Fri 16-May-14 08:55:22

Porto Sani in Halkidiki
Was amazing and great children's club

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