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3 weeks in france- vendee but where else?

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krisskross Wed 09-Apr-14 13:25:42

We are planning to go to.France for three to.four weeks in august. Mainly camping (thanks to.all who've contributed to my threads on that) in eurocamp type campsites.

We're looking to stay in the vendee for a week or so, but where else shall we go? We're driving . I dont want to go to Brittany as the weather is unpredictable. We'd like
1) nice weather but not too hot
2) not too far
3) coast but not essential
4) nice eurocamp type sites with days out nearby

Our dc are 6 and 4.

Thanks for your help!

krisskross Wed 09-Apr-14 20:45:22

Bumping for the night time mnetters

cheerup Thu 10-Apr-14 06:46:55

Where are you arriving in France? The "not too far" criteria is difficult to apply without knowing that. If you're going to the Vendee, maybe the Loire valley or Charente Maritime depending on where you arrive.

krisskross Thu 10-Apr-14 07:52:56

Of course, I hadnt thought of that! Most likely caen or st malo. Are there particular places in the LV or CM you'd recommend? Thank you.

overthemill Thu 10-Apr-14 07:59:24

Charentearitome is the best place in the entire world! Ile de re (Bit pricey ) Ile d 'oleron or Royan on bit of coast just below Oleron. La Rochelle also lovely. Not far to drive from vender but avoid driving on Saturdays in August to changeover, Sundays better. Absolutely LOVE the area, beautiful, friendly and where we hope to retire (soon please!)

overthemill Thu 10-Apr-14 08:00:04

Bugger! Charente maritime

krisskross Thu 10-Apr-14 08:35:47

Ooh thanks over themill.....we seem to have left it all late! I don't suppose you can recommend any campsites in area? Also, is it far enough from vendee to feel like a different area with.different attractions and day trips for DC? Thanks.

Ruthiebabes Thu 10-Apr-14 09:19:52

We have had two fab holidays in Charente Maritime.. Love the area. We stayed inland near Saintes. Loads to do, not sure about Eurocamp sites as we stayed on a gite

krisskross Thu 10-Apr-14 10:17:21

Lovely, thank you for the tips.

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Thu 10-Apr-14 10:32:38

There are some lovely places in Normandy so you could aim to end up there for a few days - less of a slog to the ferry home smile

If you get the St Malo ferry look at the coast around Granville; for Caen try Houlgate or Deauville. We have had fabulous weather on holiday in the Caen area & friends have had the same further west

The thing about Normandy is that it's not just a seasonal place so there's lots to do

Iwasagnome Thu 10-Apr-14 10:39:01

Southern Brittany is our favourite place.
Camping de la Baie and Camping de la Plage at La Trinite sur Mer.

Iwasagnome Thu 10-Apr-14 10:39:47

Get hold of Keycamp and Eurocamp catalogues

SilverViking Thu 10-Apr-14 10:52:13

We have used Venue Holidays d and French Freedom before ... Same sites as canvas and euro camp, but cheaper!

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Thu 10-Apr-14 11:51:55

we have stayed on this site in Houlgate several times - both with Eurocamp & with our own tent. You can walk to town/beach. The kids loved the whole site (& our stays were a good few years ago, it looks to have improved)

The link is to Yelloh village (like Eurocamp) which I'd never heard of - but it sounds good & got a recommendation on la Vallee's tripadvisor page

this one is at Barneville-Carteret up the coast from Granville - a friend stays in a gite there regularly & loves it smile

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Thu 10-Apr-14 11:54:49

it's the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings this year - we went in the summer of 94, the 50th anniversary, & although the big events were in June there was still a lot to see in August

sleepdodger Thu 10-Apr-14 23:33:43

Il du re

overthemill Fri 11-Apr-14 08:43:53

Sorry I had dreadful day and couldn't get back. Domaine d'oleron is fab and can be booked via British campsites or direct but there are also some lovely 'flower' campsites nearer toe coast. (It's a small island). I like domain as it's got good but not posh facilities and walking distance to small town for cafés market bakery little shop. Bike or drive to bigger town. Lovely cycle paths all over island. I love it!

Royan: la palmyre is lovely. Much bigger but still friendly. Next to one of those tree climbing places, short distance to see (not on beach). Lovely area, lots to do. Loved it. All British companies plus independents or book direct.

La Rochelle, we stayed some years ago and can't remember what it was called. Think eurocamp use it though. Again, great area lots to do very seasidey. Aquarium there too. ( in la Rochelle)
Ask me anything else - you can also look on web at campsite chains in the area. They are all good and often do safari tents, mobile homes as well as independent pitches. I think French campsites are brilliant! Only had one duff one and hear that is upgraded now

krisskross Fri 11-Apr-14 17:58:51

HI everyone,
sorry for not thanking you all earlier for your suggestions- been a bit hectic.
Sorry to hear you had a bad day over, hope its improved!

i am going to look into these suggestiions over the weekend and perhaps if i have any questions i might PM you Over - thanks!!

ivykaty44 Fri 11-Apr-14 18:01:32


Far enough to the centre to get plenty of sun and lots of castles and pleasant towns to see if you want

Not to far from the vendee to drive to either

ivykaty44 Fri 11-Apr-14 18:03:20

Sorry but I'll de rae will be hell in august ( full of Parisians that the locals compliance about but are happy to over charge)

HettyD Thu 17-Apr-14 22:31:18

If Coast isn't essential why not heD inland, the Dordogne?? Try Eurocamp les paradis on the vezere river, can swim and canoe in the river, cleanest nicest site I have ever been to, lots to see/do in area...and way warmer than the vendee has ever been for me!!

overthemill Fri 18-Apr-14 12:48:32

Dordogne is amazing too though not camped here friends have. We rent a small barn conversion here for less than a campsite pitch for the week!

poorbuthappy Wed 23-Apr-14 08:39:20

We did Loire Valley last year and whilst we all loved it, the weather was not kind so this year it's the dordogne.

3lovelykids Thu 24-Apr-14 15:57:31

St jean de monts in vendee is lovely also La Rochelle further down IMHO smile

rookiemater Sat 26-Apr-14 17:54:54

I'll second (or third) those saying the Dordogne.

It's a lovely part of France, weather is generally nice but not too hot and absolutely loads of things to do - castles, canoeing, pottering round Sarlat and the little villages.

I checked out the cost of Eurocamp and it ain't cheap in the holidays, so you may find it less expensive to actually rent a gite.

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