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If I like Puerto Pollensa….where would I go in Greece?

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Sixtiesqueen Sat 29-Mar-14 10:17:57

Toying with the idea of Puerto Pollensa next June (our children have two weeks off school at Whit), but as much as we loved it last time, we would also like to try Greece.

Been to Skiathos and Kefalonia before we had children. Much preferred Skiathos and would go again but don't remember there being much to do with kids apart from the beach - it seemed very low key and we would want to go self catering.

Never been to Corfu - how does it compare to PP? We like low-key resorts with a choice of places to eat, a few little shops for the kids, nice sandy beach, quiet at night. Looking for self-catering with a pool. Would the sea be warm at the beginning of June? It was fine in PP because it's shallow but I remember the water in Kefalonia being really cold in May.


BlueSkySunnyDay Sat 29-Mar-14 10:39:13

I can't help but I will be watching with interest - loved PPs vibe but prefer Greece.

Ive not been to Skiathos though. Kef does have a relatively short season and May was right at the beginning of it - apparently their winter can be quite harsh so it would take a while to warm up

I have been to Corfu but we were all inclusive and didn't see much else as we just needed to relax for a week. The landing is interesting on Corfu grin I wouldn't recommend it for a nervous flier.

ginmakesitallok Sat 29-Mar-14 11:15:59

We were in kos last year, near Kos town, and loved it. Crete this year.

yourlittlesecret Sat 29-Mar-14 13:58:01

Much as I love Greece it doesn't compare.
Before DC we went to a Greek Island every year and I had never visited Spain.
When we took DC abroad we went to Menorca and then to lots of other Spanish destinations. Eventually I took them to Greece.
The most noticeable and over-riding difference is that the Spanish invest in the public areas and infrastructure of their resorts. promenades, parks, street lights pavements even.
The Greeks don't spend a penny. Even in big resorts you will find yourself walking on the road or on tracks. You'll never find a garden or play park.
Yes the Greek people are lovely, the food is good and the islands are picturesque but with young children I would stick to PP.

TheBeautifulVisit Sat 29-Mar-14 23:58:22


BlueSkySunnyDay Sun 30-Mar-14 00:53:08

Without a doubt Spain is glossier and showier. Greece is very earthy and really quite basic on the whole - I actually like that about it.

I found Menorca totally soulless, but yes the standard of "stuff" was better if thats what floats your boat. If you need parks or amusements (touristy stuff) then really stick to Spain, for me thats not what does it Greece is beautiful and historic, the food is amazing and the people are lovely, much as PP was lovely the people were not as welcoming as in Greece or the Canaries.

yourlittlesecret Sun 30-Mar-14 09:31:53

I couldn't agree more BlueSky if I was going with adults or older children then I love the basic feel of Greece. If I was travelling with small children I would opt for glossy.
The OP was trying to compare somewhere in Greece with Puerto Pollensa though.

Sixtiesqueen Sun 30-Mar-14 19:15:58

Thanks for your replies.

My children are almost 5 and almost 9. We've also been to Portugal and they loved the waterparks but I won't return there because I didn't feel safe (somebody tried to get into our apartment in the night...I have two daughters who were 3/7).

The thing I remember about Greece was the gorgeous food and lovely time spent on the beach.

We somewhere like Rhodes be suitable for little kids? Sandy beaches?

Bunbaker Sun 30-Mar-14 20:01:35

Arillas in Corfu. We went 7 years ago and liked it so much that we went again the following year. No nightclubs, no karaoke bars. Lots of tavernas selling delicious food. Pretty scenery, beach, family friendly. And it is on the north west coast so you get fantastic sunsets every evening.

You can read about it here

BlueSkySunnyDay Sun 30-Mar-14 22:20:46

Yes that is one thing I can confirm about Corfu - the Sunsets were amazing. DS was only 10 but commented "this would be a nice place to come on honeymoon" as he looked across the sea at the sun setting grin

castlesintheair Wed 02-Apr-14 13:53:48

Rhodes would be perfect with DCs as is anywhere in Greece. I really like The Peloponnese. Fly to Athens, see some culture, hire a car and drive. Or just fly to Kalamata if you want to by-pass Athens. Loads to visit, lovely beaches, food and not nightcluby.

Waimaz Wed 02-Apr-14 18:38:00

I love Sidari in Corfu. it has something for everyone, the beach is beautiful and really shallow water which my daughter loves paddling in.

Bunbaker Wed 02-Apr-14 18:39:40

Arillas isn't far from Sidari. I admit that when we drove through it at night en route to Arillas, I found it too busy for me. Arillas is more low key.

fluffydressinggown Wed 02-Apr-14 18:48:27

Pefkos in Rhodes is lovely and very near to Lindos which is very pretty and traditionally Greek (although it gets very busy with tourists in Lindos)

makemineapinot Sat 12-Apr-14 23:42:39

Sidari is quite touristy like P Pollensa though - as is Kassiopi and I prefer Kassiopi! Roda on the north coast between Sidari and Kassiopi is good too. Or look at Crete, so many places there. I find Spanish tourist resorts too British - as Blue Sky said! Why not go back to Skiathos? You could opt for somewhere like Stallis in Crete if you like a mix of busy touristy places and quiet laid back - you can walk into Malia and Hersonnisos but dan also escape the busyness. Ir try Elou da hear Ag Nik, or resorts like Sissi.

Lucked Sat 12-Apr-14 23:48:24

Not in Greece but worth looking at Kalkan in Turkey. Small resort but nice vibe and places to eat. I also prefer Greece to Spain.

Bunbaker Mon 14-Apr-14 22:27:53

One thing to bear in mind is the Corfu plumbing. All toilet paper has to go in a little bin, not down the toilet.

BlueSkySunnyDay Mon 14-Apr-14 23:48:28

Most Greek Islands have that rule Bunbaker but it becomes "normal" very quickly - After a fortnight I found it odd flushing everything when I got home!

Possibly why their sea is so clean too?

singaporefling Mon 14-Apr-14 23:59:36

Agree with lucked - not Greece, but it USED to be - KALKAN in Turkey - small village/stunning views/lovely people/great choice of eateries & small shops - utterly charming. Great for families - been taking our 5 DC's from when they were 5 - 15 yrs. We go every year (as well as trying other places!)

Bunbaker Tue 15-Apr-14 06:57:49

makemineapino Have you been to Sissi? We are going there in May.

makemineapinot Tue 15-Apr-14 23:04:20

Just for day trips - very quiet and peaceful. Have friends who holiday there often and just love it! May will be lovely - not too hot, will need a cardigan or something to sit out in the evening but I love Crete in the Spring! Enjoy it!!

Bunbaker Wed 16-Apr-14 08:51:39

It sounds great. We like quiet places. I have been to Crete in May before and know that we will need something warm to wear in the evenings.

Blackmouse Wed 16-Apr-14 08:53:39

oh i was wondering this too
love puerto pollensa

MyVegasBaby Sat 24-May-14 19:47:22

Parga on the west coast of the Greek mainland would be worth a look, lovely place!

TheBogQueen Sat 24-May-14 19:49:57

Stoupa is lovely


Santorini - although we were just a couple when we spent time in Oia and perhaps not great for children.

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