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Figster Sun 23-Mar-14 11:34:01

Anyone been?

Dh turns 40 in march next year are thinking of going for his bday. He's a big bird watcher so would be perfect for him. Thinking 11 nights so he can spend some days on trips (maybe both of us will go) and have other days to chill out.

We had planned on going a few years ago then very quick BFP meant it had to be cancelled. Would be leaving then 3yo DS with my parents First holiday in what will be 5yrs.

If you've been what did you think? Where did you stay?


fussychica Mon 24-Mar-14 18:33:43

We went many years ago. It was fab and very different. We went with Kuoni I think, stayed at a French owned hotel - can't remember the name, sorry. Birdlife was great, as was Banjul market.
No idea what it would be like these days but saw no one had replied. Could try Trip Advisor for views - lots on there.

GreenShadow Tue 25-Mar-14 19:48:23

Like you fussychica, we went years ago when the president was still in place. We stayed at the Kombo Beach hotel which was lovely then, but I have no idea what it is like now.
It was my first time visiting such a poor country and I must admit I did find that quite hard. I can't imagine that that will have changed much. Apart from that though, we had a lovely holiday there and the wildlife and different culture was certainly very interesting.

We were actually lucky enough to be there during the 25th Independence (from Britain) celebrations and the lovely entertainment guy from the hotel took a group of us along to the national stadium for their big celebration event. It was also attended by representatives of Britain (Princess Anne) and the USA (one of the then president's son (George Bush senior) but I don't think it was the 2nd George Bush) The later actually stayed in our hotel and it was rather odd having all these black suited security heavies wandering around while we were all in our bikinis. Made the whole holiday even more memorable.

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