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Where to start re planning DisneyLand Paris?

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AbbyCadabby Tue 18-Mar-14 18:17:33

Help please!

We are thinking of doing DLP just after Easter.
Can anyone advise re logistics of booking what, when, and where! And who with!
Planning on driving from London, so Folkestone to Calais. Eurotunnel or ferry?
Should we try and get an early start from the UK, and hit the park straight away when we get there, or is that knackering? We have a 3.6 yo. Or should we arrive later, check in to the accommodation, then start the parks the next day? I don't really want to be paying extra days accommodation if possible, but don't want to arrive at the parks too exhausted to enjoy it properly.

Am thinking of the Davy Crockett Ranch, as we need self-catering. Any experiences of this accommodation? Any other recommendations for s/c accommodation near DLP?

I was thinking two days in each park. Is that enough? Too much?

Anyone got an agent to recommend?

Merci in advance.

AbbyCadabby Tue 18-Mar-14 18:22:22

And is it worth staying somewhere nice like Davy Crocketts when we are thinking we'll be in the parks for most of the day, and only eating and sleeping at night? Or will we have enough energy to make use of the pools and grounds etc?

CaisleanDraiochta Sat 29-Mar-14 10:56:51

I've done overnight ferry in the past, so we can arrive at Disney for park opening and spend the whole day, before checking into the hotel. So it is doable, though it wasn't our first trip and my Dc were a bit older. I'm guessing a 3yo will probably sleep on the drive so not be too bothered about timings really.

I've never stayed at Davy Crockett's but have used some of the self-catering apartments around Val d'Europe area. This is where the big supermarket is so you can stock up. They are not Disney owned though so need to buy park tickets separately (we have annual passes) whereas they are usually included at Davy Crockett's.

Also we have never used a pool while visiting Disney, but this is probably because we swim twice a week at home so its not a particularly high priority for us when on holiday.

4 days in the parks in total sounds fine to me. One is much bigger than the other but with hopper tickets you can spend the morning in one then switch to the other for the afternoon/evening. If you are planning to go during term-time (check French/Spanish schools as well as UK) it shouldn't be too busy on weekdays.

anchovies Sat 29-Mar-14 11:10:58

We did eurotunnel first thing in the morning then drove straight through to Davy Crockett, surprisingly easy. We loved the accomodation, small but perfectly formed! We took a toaster and bear in mind there is no oven but we ate cheese and drank red wine so it didn't really matter! Took basic food with us and shopped at the nearby supermarkets which the dcs loved! We did a character brunch which was incredibly expensive but IMO well worth it, dcs met all the characters and the food was very good.

We went for 4 days, ended up 3 days in one park 1 in the other. Tbh we went to the park the first night but it was a bit stressful. Made up for it at the other end as packed up and left early spent the day in the park and got a late eurotunnel back.

We booked through the french disney site as it worked out the cheapest.

anchovies Sat 29-Mar-14 11:23:02

Oh and we used the pool lots, went to the parks for the early access, came back for late lunch, went to the pool and went back to the park for the evening.

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