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Morocco - 3 yr old

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Tweezerqueen Tue 15-Aug-06 12:49:33

Has anyone been to Morocco with their children? I'd like to go in Nov when DD will be three years old. Just a bit concerned that it wont be suitable.

MumtoLaura Tue 15-Aug-06 22:56:57

I took DD to Morocco when she was two. We spent a few days in an all inclusive resort and then travelled around (on buses and trains). It was fine for DD, the people were lovely with her. Food was no problem and we stayed in some (cheapish) hotels with pools, which she loved and it helped her cool down at the end of the day.

morocco Tue 15-Aug-06 22:59:08

my two were born there and spent the first few years there. The people are fantastic with kids and will fuss over them so much (this might be a downside!) and really look after you. Where are you going?

Tweezerqueen Wed 16-Aug-06 12:49:50

That is all good news, we are thinking of Marrakech. We are travelling with friends so there will be four adults to one DD. Were there really no issues with food? Do you need an medication before you go?

bluejelly Wed 16-Aug-06 12:56:29

I took dd twice before she was 2. Totally fine both times though Iwas careful not feed her sausages from the stalls on the djema al fna. Got food poisoning when I ate them!
Moroccans are great with kids in general and Marakech is a fantastic place. Am jealous!

morocco Wed 16-Aug-06 13:12:47

we let the kids eat more or less anything, but cos they were born there they might have had stronger tummies, I don't know, but I only ever got sick once there, it was right at the beginning and I think was one of those 'dodgy tums' you get when you change country sometimes, different water etc. If you stick to good restaurants or to food cooked right in front of you on stalls you should be OK.
afaik no special meds required but you could think about hep a although I don't think it's necessary.

MumtoLaura Wed 16-Aug-06 13:54:17

I let DD eat anything (but not drink the water). She paticularly enjoyed the freshly squeezed orange juice in Djema el fna. Don't need malaria tablets - which was one of the reasons we choose it.

dizzybint Wed 16-Aug-06 21:11:45

i was born there too! lived there til i was 5, go back every year. can't wait to take dd, 12 weeks now, will take her before she's 1. did you know ryanair now fly to marrakech?

morocco Wed 16-Aug-06 21:19:37

have you seen the price of some of the cheapo airlines too??? I saw one advertising for £13 each way. I'd love to take the kids back - we keep promising friends but maybe next year. Where were you born? Mine are R'batis.

Tweezerqueen Thu 17-Aug-06 12:53:06

all good news!! I can't wait to get out there.

dizzybint Fri 18-Aug-06 15:47:51

born in casablanca. my dad's side of the family all live there, 7 aunties, 3 uncles, loads of cousins. and my grandparents live on a farm on the outskirts of the city. my dad now lives in brittany though, nice to have family living in such nice parts of the world!

NK35f8bc5aX1132f476df0 Sat 12-Jul-08 13:14:08

I know this is an old conversation but I'm going to morocco for 3 weeks as my husband working there, and he will probably work there a bit every year so looking for tips and things to do with a 14 month old. also have been told by gp to give him hepatitis a vaccine but i'm not into giving him unnecessary vaccines and just wondered if any of you guys did to go there, i'll be in marrakech mostly.

gowiththeflo Mon 25-Aug-08 18:30:50

I am joining in the "old" conversation to! I have a 6 year old and 4 year old and prompted by my adventurous mother went to Essaouira with the children and husband last October - it was sunny, safe and child friendly. We stayed in which has a housekeeper included in the rental price who will cook on request (!) and the house is child friendly e.g. stairgate, high chair, cot etc. We have just come back from a second stay and are hooked on all things Moroccan!

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