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Mamas with 4+ children - where are you going?

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Decisionsagain Wed 05-Mar-14 21:04:17

That's it really. Just curious. We have 5 gorgeous children and deciding where to go. Is anyone still managing to do anything exotic? Think we might be camping for the first time this year!

stikmatix Fri 07-Mar-14 17:18:59

We also have 5 kids. This summer we are going to Northumberland for 2 weeks, last summer we went to the Isle of Wight for 2 weeks, and a short break in Brighton in Oct. In 2012 we had 2 weeks in Austria in the summer in Zell Am See (we only had 4 children then!). It was a great holiday, would definitely recommend!

What is your definition of exotic? We always stay in a self catering house or apartment.....

There are quite a few European destinations that we would like to go to, but maybe next year onwards...

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