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£405 for 2adults and 2 DC return on Eurostar. Does this sound right?!

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notnowbernard Sun 02-Mar-14 11:28:19

Decent price or am I being a dinosaur?!

PortofinoRevisited Sun 02-Mar-14 11:56:40

Depends how far in advance you are booking. It sounds reasonable to me - once over 4, children aren't that much cheaper.

notnowbernard Sun 02-Mar-14 12:02:08

Travelling in Easter hols
If that sounds a reasonable price, might just have to suck it up..!
Just want a couple of nights somewhere. Love Paris and think the DC will like it too.
But still works out over a grand

ChippyMinton Sun 02-Mar-14 12:04:39

Is that the cheapest fare? Usually there's a choice of times so you can choose best combo of travel time/price.
It is school holidays though...

notnowbernard Sun 02-Mar-14 12:07:48

There is a cheaper fare but its leaving in the evening

Seems a pity to not make the most of daytime

notnowbernard Sun 02-Mar-14 12:08:09

Bloody school holiday prices

Janek Sun 02-Mar-14 12:08:42

Eurostar tickets normally go on sale four months in advance, you should be able to get an adult return for £69 and a child return for £49 so the absolute minimum you'd pay is £236 (assuming your dcs are aged 4-12).

BUT this year they put the summer tickets on sale six months in advance wihtout really telling anybody, so anyone who knows the rules and plays by them to get the cheapest tickets (ie us!) went to buy tickets to find they'd already been on sale a couple of months and that the cheapest tickets had gone.

But easter is really soon, and is peak season, so yes, your tickets are expensive, but probably not ludicrously so. It is possible to say you are flexible with your dates on so you might find something cheaper, but you are booking quite late imo.

Hulababy Sun 02-Mar-14 12:12:06

Ime it's nearly always cheaper to fly, using a budget airline, than use Eurostar. Have priced it up a few times over the past year for varying lengths of time before travel, and varying dates - though always in school holidays. And the airlines always work out better for us.

Janek Sun 02-Mar-14 12:12:46

Could it be worth arriving late and having an extra night in the hotel - this may work out cheaper, depending in where you're staying! How old are your dcs?

exexpat Sun 02-Mar-14 12:13:03

The cheapest they ever do it is £59 return, but that is usually a limited number of seats and excludes popular dates. I think the lowest I have ever got away with in school holidays is £39-£49 one-way, slightly less for children.

Have you gone through all the options for different times of day and non-flexible tickets? It can make a big difference if you choose a train at a less popular time of day, even just by a couple of hours, and the non-refundable/non-adjustable tickets are almost half the price of fully flexible ones.

MissBeehiving Sun 02-Mar-14 12:32:32

If you get Tesco Clubcard vouchers you can exchange them up - it's usually a really good deal. I think current deal works out that £25 clubcard vouchers buys you a standard ticket.


We use this for Eurotunnel and our crossing in May works out at about £45 both ways.

Janek Sun 02-Mar-14 12:36:53

How did you find that offer missbehiving? You used to be able to use tesco points on eurostar, i didn't know you still could and i just can't find the offer on my clubcard account...

MissBeehiving Sun 02-Mar-14 12:44:05

Gosh, you're right Janek blush apologies - I haven't used it for years as we always take the car now.

The Eurotunnel offer is still a good option if you have a car though.

BloominNora Sun 02-Mar-14 12:56:35

Go by Ferry - you can do it for less than £100 and unless they get very seasick, it will be part of the adventure for the kids.

Janek Sun 02-Mar-14 13:55:12

Damn, i hoped i'd missed something.

Dover-calais is a cheaper option, that's true nora, not so much fun imo, nor as quick, but possibly not £300 less fun!

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