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Holiday to Spain with 11 month old, tips/advice please?

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Millie3030 Wed 26-Feb-14 20:54:37


In May my husband and I are going to Spain for 1 week on holiday that we bought with our saved tesco clubcard vouchers. It's a very family friendly hotel with baby pool etc and we get a travel cot in the room.
It's approaching soon and I'm getting a bit anxious, our flight is at 6am from Gatwick and we arrive at 10am so not that long a flight.

Do any of you have experience with flying with a baby?
Any general holiday tips for making things less stressful and easier at all?
How did you do daytime naps when on holiday, in the room or in the pram?
Any advice at all or tips I would love!

Malkofish Wed 26-Feb-14 20:59:25

Hi, I have no tips sorry but just marking my place as we're going to Spain in June with our daughter who will then be 12 months old so could do with the same advice!

SoldeInvierno Fri 28-Feb-14 22:09:20

I would do naps in the pram. The weather will be lovely by then, so you can go sightseeing or have long walks while baby sleeps. Where are you going?

AryaUnderfoot Fri 28-Feb-14 22:25:12

We went to Spain when DD was 6 months and to Rhodes when she was 17 months.

I'm sure you have a billion and one questions, so feel free to send me a PM.

fussychica Mon 03-Mar-14 16:33:59

Your flight will be shorter than you think - clocks move forward an hour on arrival.

Took DS on 4hr plus flight at 6months and again at 2 - no problems but can affect their ears so have a soother at the ready even if they don't have one normally.

In Spain ensure you use bottled water for everything. (lived there for years and never drank tap water)

If you are going somewhere touristy there's likely to be shops stocking UK brand nappies/ baby food etc but the local stuff is fine.

Naps in the pram best -as others say you can sight see then.

Weather in May & June should be lovely and not too hot for little ones.

Spaniards love babies - they'll drool over your little one given half a chancegrin

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