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Anyone tried a Eurocamp (or similar) in Sicily or Sardinia?

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bookwormthatturned Sun 02-Feb-14 22:14:22

Since kids (now 3 and 8) we've mostly been on camping hols in the UK but we have the opportunity of a week away in April/May and I'd love to get some sunshine and R&R, somewhere with a good beach and quality childcare / kids club activities but ideally near to local villages / towns / places of interest so we could go exploring as well.

Pre-children we'd organised our own long haul holidays / city breaks so this is a whole new world, with a whole new price range!!

A kind mumsnetter recommended Eurocamp and checking their website they have some sites in Southern Europe that look interesting. Checking out other MN threads for people's experiences of Eurocamp and others though it looks like most families opt for driving down to France or Spain.

Anyone flown out to their Sicily / Sardinian sites or anywhere similar? Any recommendations for somewhere with decent access to an airport or are we looking at car hire?

Any advice much appreciated, TIA

JammieCodger Mon 10-Feb-14 11:26:14

We had a lovely holiday in Sardinia a couple of years ago, although the campsite (Baia Blu la Tortuga) doesn�t appear to be a Eurocamp site anymore.

We flew into Alghero, hired a car and used it a lot. The campsite facilities were good, with a nice restaurant, but it was in the middle of no-where, with no shops/restaurants/activities within walking distance off camp. There was also no pool at the site, which wasn�t really an issue as the beaches are so beautiful, but we did drive along the road to spend a day at a nearby country club pool once. It might be that we could have used public transport to do everything we wanted, but we obviously didn�t investigate that option. It�s a beautiful island and I�d definitely recommend a visit.

iseenodust Mon 10-Feb-14 11:34:06

Marking spot. Previously holidayed on Sardinia at an Agriturismo. Loved the beaches & friendly people. Flew Easyjet to Alghero, which is lovely for a meander around old town & harbour.

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