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Lisbon - a week in July

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LCHammer Sun 02-Feb-14 16:34:06

Would there be enough to do or is it likely to get boring? Children 5-15.

Bunbaker Tue 04-Feb-14 07:27:28

We had a week at the end of July and found plenty to do, but not everything we did would have appealed to children. You could stay on the coast near Lisbon - Cacais or Estoril and then travel in for some sightseeing.

Lisbon is wonderful - loads of sightseeing, lots of lovely old buildings, great food and friendly people.

LCHammer Tue 04-Feb-14 21:14:47

Thanks Bunbaker. I'm very much a city and cultural tourist so it's mainly the DCs I was 'worried' about. I'll have a look at the distance to the coast resorts.

Bunbaker Tue 04-Feb-14 21:40:39

Lisbon is quite hilly and we did a lot of walking. Your 5 year old might find it a bit much if you didn't intersperse the sightseeing with a bit of down time.

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