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europe destination for 4 month old?

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Katerina75 Mon 31-Jul-06 18:31:25

we are wanting to get away with our LO in sept/oct who will be 4-5 months old. he's formula fed so would like self catering with kitchen. would like child friendly destinations in europe - any recommendations from when you've travelled with such a young baby?

lucy5 Mon 31-Jul-06 18:52:35

I used to go to France with dd, when she was tiny. I used Brittany ferries, you can book transport and a gite. They also tell you which will provide cots etc.

QueenPeaHead Mon 31-Jul-06 19:10:51

they go anywhere. you don't need a kitchen really at this age - you'd be fine with a sink and a kettle! I've just taken a 5 month old to greece and she had a lovely time. Have also taken that age much further afield - mauritius, caribbean - they don't care where they are. Find somewhere you would like to go and he will go too

nct73 Fri 12-Jan-07 11:32:59

Any companies or websites that are good for finding holidays with babies ie hotels/appartments that provide cots, buggy friendly etc?

JoshandJamie Sat 13-Jan-07 07:15:35

Tots to France

Fab gites in France that provide every bit of baby kit you could possibly need including sterilisers and blenders if you've started weaning already.

rookiemum Sun 14-Jan-07 12:14:04

We went to La Domaine De respelido in Cote D'azur through chez nous in Oct when DS was about 6 months.

They provided a cot and had a fully equipped kitchen with microwave so if you are bottle feeding you can bring those Lindam steriliser bags.

The best thing about it was jacuzzi & Sauna within baby monitor range, ask for the appartment closest to it. They also had a pool but because it wasn't heated it was too cold for us to use but generally weather was great for that time of year, September would probably be quite hot, we ended up sitting by the pool for some lovely afternoons with DS in the car seat beside us in the shade.

Oh and if you have started weaning by that stage they sell apple puree pots in the local supermarket, like yoghurt, DS lived on those whilst we were there, plus some Plum baby food that we had brought over.

We also arranged baby sitting a couple of nights through them but it was dear at 15 Euros per hour and there was a lovely relaxed family friendly restaurant within walking distance where we just bought DS along to a couple of times.

Also most restaurants do a lovely lunch time menu so we tended to go out then and have a bbq in the evening then go to the jacuzzi.

Would love to go back but next year DS will be running around and wouldn't trust him with the pool.

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