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Jersey advice

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sleeplessinderbyshire Sat 18-Jan-14 23:05:20

I think I fancy a week in Jersey in the summer as a compromise between staying in the UK and going abroad. Happy to consider flying or ferry. Would have to be in School Holidays

First step is trying to work out where to stay. Family of 4. Me, husband, 2 girls, by the time we go away they'll be 5 and 2. Prefer self catering for flexible evenings (and I cannot bear us all sharing a room). Previously we've loved Pembrokeshire, The South Hams and Northumberland. I cannot bear anywhere like Skegness, even Scarborough is too tacky for me. I like cafes, sandy beaches, pottering around and picnics

I've never been to Jersey - I'd like to be able to walk to the beach and not to be anywhere that's anything like Skegness/Blackpool. Budget not huge, maybe £800 for the week for the accommodation

Any ideas? or other suggestions. I love the idea of the Scilly Isles but too pricey and getting there from Derbyshire with 2 kids might cause murder/divorce

scaevola Sun 19-Jan-14 11:27:57

Jersey is lovely!

We've only stayed in hotels, but here's a list of self-catering places. Of these, I'd start by looking at e ones in St Brelades Bay (as they will be very close to a lovely beach - not St Brelades village as that might mean up the hill). But anywhere is Jersey is only a short drive from everywhere else

Hamleysmum Sun 19-Jan-14 19:37:00

We love Jersey, we have 2 DS aged 4 and 7. The Merton Hotel is where we stayed, we went half board last year. They also have self catering units next door where you can use all the hotel facilities. Thinking of doing that this year. Weather was great last year, gorgeous beaches and not too hot for the children. Loads to do on the island.

WallyBantersJunkBox Sat 25-Jan-14 01:19:25

We stayed in the Merton last summer - the hotel wasn't for me, but the swimming pool complex was nice and we asked to look at the self catering apartments - they were lovely and new.

The Merton is nowhere near the beach though, it's in the capital St Helier.

If Weymouth is easy to get to then I'd recommend taking the car. We stayed overnight in Weymouth as we'd travelled from a family wedding in Wales. Had a stop over in a Premier Inn and then got the first ferry out. It was a nice experience.

With a car you can really explore the island - we spent one day just driving every coast road and exploring all the coves and harbours. I'd recommend The Crab Shack and The Oyster Box in St Brelaides bay for eating out, we had the most fantastic seafood there.

It's not cheap there though - not at all tacky as it's a tax haven of course. The beaches we gorgeous and unspoilt.

I would have a look on or similar for self catering.

We are thinking of going back this summer, as we had such a great time.

jerseypearl Sun 26-Jan-14 16:59:43

I lived Jersey for five years. You definitely need a car to see all of the island. St Brelade has a lovely child friendly beach although the most commercialised beach on the island but in the tacky sense. Gorey is lovely which is on the east of the island nice beach but also has nice restaurants and a lovely harbour. St Ouens has a great long beach less facilities. You used to be able to fly from east mids airport or you could get the ferry take the shortest ferry if you sail. You can also do a day trip from Jersey to St Malo only takes an hour on the boat. If you do go check the tides they come in really quick. It is a lovely place and easy to get around as long as it is sunny and dry. There are lots of places to explore however I have recommended the three most child friendly places. There are plenty of self catering places but book in advance as things get booked up early. If you self cater food is more expensive as you pay 5% GST the island does have three waitrose supermarkets. Hope this helps

porthtowanone Sun 09-Feb-14 10:57:24

We stayed at The Prince of Wales Hotel at Greve de lecq ,they had a lovely large family room and is a stones throw from the beach ,would love to go back .

magimedi Sun 09-Feb-14 11:04:57

Be aware that not all of St Ouens is safe for swimming - it's a surfers' place & there can be a rip and undertow.

With children of that age I would be going for the East coast, Gorey, Grouville, La Rocque etc wher the beaches are sandy & safer.

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