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want to go somewhere in Europe with teenage boys?

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ssd Sun 12-Jan-14 20:51:42

have never been to Europe with them, usually stay in England somewhere, but would love to take them for a week abroad....they'd love water parks , football or tennis, but we, dh and I, dont want to spend a week at center parks in the sun...also kids arent old enough that we leave them somewhere, we would be with them all the time...budget 1.5k approx

any recommendations gratefully received x

ssd Sun 12-Jan-14 20:52:32

also Benidorm type places are a no no

WildThong Mon 13-Jan-14 00:12:31

ssd take a look at Lazise beside lake Garda, lovely wee town but very close to the waterpark (and the other 2 parks). They are smaller than the famous Florida or big Spanish parks but big enough to pass pleasant days for teenagers. The town itself is full of cafes and restaurants and you can use the ferry to dot about other towns on the lake. Oh and cheap flights to either Verona or Pisa.

Dumpylump Mon 13-Jan-14 00:17:18

I'm not sure about this, since "Benidorm type places are a no no", but was going to suggest Tenerife. We've been there several times, ds's are 13 and 16, and we all love it. Playa de las Americas is highly unlikely to be your cup of tea, but there are other less touristy places that are great. There is a fantastic water park called Siam Park, and there are loads of other activities, sailing etc.
I want to go back now!

3catsandcounting Mon 13-Jan-14 09:31:37

wildthong re Lake Garda, where to stay with teens? Eurocamps? Any recommendations? Our DCs 14 & 16 like plenty to do but are both fairly quiet so big noisy places aren't for them! Sorry to butt in, OP!!

PortofinoRevisited Mon 13-Jan-14 09:43:19

I would have a look at the Mobile Home companies - Siblu/Eurocamp/Canvas. Some of the sites have fantastic facilities/water slides/sports stuff. If you go for something with a kids/teen club it gives them the chance to make friends and for you to get a bit of quiet sunbathing time. Eurocamp do Soccer Station Canvas do the Family Extra sites.

WildThong Mon 13-Jan-14 13:34:54

Hi 3Cats

Accommodation in hotels can be pricey but I was searching recently and found a couple of crackers - is good for doing your research!
2 bed apartment
linked room in a hotel
Peschiera is where we stayed last time - it's great for train links.
Free buses run through the lake towns to the water and the two other theme parks.

3catsandcounting Mon 13-Jan-14 13:51:16

wildthong - thanks for that - the Mondragon place looks just my sort of thing - but looking for something for the kids to do on-site too (without having to drag me away from my lounging!!) I think I'm looking for something that doesn't exist - small/med nice complex - tennis/bar/restaurant/pool/ near lake, with a bit of decent eve entertainment. Not much to ask you see!!

WildThong Mon 13-Jan-14 15:06:55

I know what you mean - this is where we stayed near Peschiera, loads to do but a bit spendy. They run a free bus several times a day/evening into the town.

Hope you find something - we all need our holidays! smile

mummymeister Mon 13-Jan-14 15:33:13

we had a great time in Barcelona. fab city break, you have got a great beach and about an hour by train is the big theme park. wouldn't get bored here.

ssd Mon 13-Jan-14 17:56:12

where did you stay mummymeister?

4PlusMum Mon 13-Jan-14 20:14:19

Have a look at La Manga in Spain. You can get a two bedroom house for about £160 per night in August plus flights with a budget airline. They run sports academies including football, tennis and golf. It's where professional football teams go to train.

Purplehonesty Mon 13-Jan-14 20:22:12

Ok I read that and thought you wanted to go somewhere in europe so you could find some teenage boys!
Now I know you don' about the south of France or lake Garda where there is lots to do, lovely climate and no package tourists. Or a ski/sun break so you get two holidays in one?

3catsandcounting Mon 13-Jan-14 20:49:04

Purple shock!!

crypes Mon 13-Jan-14 20:53:15

Go anywhere ( southern France or Spain) where there are lots of Dutch teenagers. We took our 15yr Ds to these areas on camping hols and mixing with Dutch teenagers he sure learned a thing or two . ( and one welsh teenager)

ssd Tue 14-Jan-14 07:51:29

god purple, two's enough grin

and think will avoid dutch teenagers...--like the plague--

flipchart Tue 14-Jan-14 07:58:54

Chamonix is awesome.

When we go in summer the boys like to go white water rafting, ice climbing, paragliding, rock climbing,mountain biking and being on the mountains. Going up the Aiguille du midi fantastic.

It's not expensive to fly into Geneva but if there a few go you going it is probably cheaper to hire a car than use the Alpy bus or similar.

Once in the Chamonix valley your transport is free.

So looking forward to the summer!

sofi0308 Tue 14-Jan-14 18:09:50

i just got back from amsterdam with teens, had a fantastic time, we stayed in a hotel but next time will try this

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