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Need help finding somewhere to go in France or Spain in August - but not too hot!

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Banacek Sun 12-Jan-14 16:37:02

Just that - we want something with nice beach nearby, some nice scenery, warm but not scalding heat (I am world's most unattractive person in the sun with heat rash etc.), places to potter a little and eat. For me DH and DD aged 7.

I was thinking of places like Brittany, or maybe San Sebastian or La Coruna? So away from med coast?

Has anyone got any recommendations? I also want a complete break, so bed and breakfast and eating out, no self catering!

Thank you in advance for anyone who gives me any ideas!

princessalbert Mon 13-Jan-14 10:19:56

I was going to suggest Brittany for a good venue in France. we went one August, and it was nice enough most days, but not scorching. I would have also suggested the Loire valley - we spent a week there last summer and the weather was quite warm - maybe too warm for you - but not as hot as other parts of France we have visited.

Spain - I think the NW coast would suit you. I haven't actually been anywhere on that side, yet, but have researched. smile I think the med coast will be too hot for you.

I can't recommend anywhere to stay in Brittany, as we stayed in a Keycamp mobile home - but there are some beautiful towns and villages, so I am certain there will be good hotels/b and bs.

Banacek Mon 13-Jan-14 19:13:58

Thank you princess that's helpful, I think I am narrowing it down to Brittany or north west coast of Spain.

I quite fancy Spain but don't know where to start in looking for resorts/towns. Quite fancy Bilbao...

princessalbert Mon 13-Jan-14 20:07:46

Brittany is beautiful.

I imagine the NW coast of Spain is too, but have yet to visit.

Have a look on Tripadvisor for tips on the best resorts. I find it v helpful.

Knottingley Mon 13-Jan-14 20:27:49

We went to the Vendee last summer.

The weather was perfect, like a really warm spring day in the UK. Plenty hot enough to be out in shorts but not sticky.

never been before though so no idea if this was usual or it we were just lucky.

Banacek Mon 13-Jan-14 21:02:30

Knottingly whereabouts did you go? The Vendee was on my initial list too.

Knottingley Mon 13-Jan-14 21:07:58

We went to Port Bourgenay near Les Sables d’Olonne

dreamingofsun Mon 13-Jan-14 21:20:58

south brittany would be my choice. san sebastian area is beautiful but its a long journey if you are going by boat. brittany is lovely and generally just a bit better/hotter weather than here.

vendee is a bit soulless in comparison - or the north is anyway. plus its further to travel. brittany is like cornwall without the tat and better food.

we've only done mobiles and one guite, so i can't recommend accommodation - though with bbq's, french bread, salads and take-aways it wouldn't be so bad, espec if you had a dishwasher

Banacek Tue 14-Jan-14 10:44:32

This is all very helpful, thank you so much.

Can anyone recommend a company I can book through (gite or self catering fine but we don't drive so won't be able to take or hire a car and won't be able to take any camping type stuff with us, would need everything provided!)?

Many thanks flowers

dreamingofsun Tue 14-Jan-14 13:01:36

oh, you didn't say about not driving. that rather changes things. personally one of the attractions of brittany is that you can sling everything in the car and go across on the ferry and then travel round exlporing lovely old towns and villages and find lots of beaches that no-one visits. I wouldn't go there if i couldn't drive

if you are going on the ferry can you get one to st malo and stay there? that would be about the only place i can think of if i didn't have a car.

think in terms of cornwall or pembrokeshire. would you go there without a car?

what about a mobile home? at least then you have a shop, bar, sports, limited entertainment maybe and if you choose carefully a beach to walk to? A gite is likely to be in the middle of nowhere. where are you travelling from in the UK as that will determine which area of brittany you are restricted to?

Mumof22222boys Tue 14-Jan-14 13:08:51

Another option might be the Alps. Usually lovely weather, but not too hot. You can get a train to many places.

To be honest though, I would find things difficult without a car. Where we go, we're in a town (shopping and restaurants in easy reach) but while there's loads of things to do, most involve a short drive.

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